The Sentient Suite

The Sentient Suite allows researchers and subject experts to gather and evaluate pooled data from multiple sources regardless of location, format or type.

These linkages are the cornerstone of intelligently implementing an ontology, and finding connections from hidden data from intelligent medical instruments, surgical and pharmaceutical research and development.

  • Draw data from any source public or private, including instruments and applications
  • Utilize data from multiple sources regardless of format or location
  • Secure, compliant and interoperable environment
  • Implement multiple ontologies to serve specific findings
  • Combine and contextualize data to create custom knowledge bases
  • Uses existing hardware and IT infrastructure

Knowledge Explorer

Visually access, explore, report, and query your data to uncover hidden relationships. Learn More

Web Query

The Sentient Web Query makes multiple internal and external (public and commercial) databases accessible through an easy-to-use web interface. Learn More

Applied Semantic Knowledgebase (ASK)

Melissa Informatics' Applied Semantic Knowledgebase, or "ASK", provides researchers with the ability to perform hypothesis testing and informed decision-making in multiple areas of focus. Learn More

Data Manager

Data Manager provides automated input and organization of data from any source. Data Manager extracts flat files and proprietary file formats into open, compliant standards. Learn More

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