The Sentient Suite

Utilize Semantic Technology to Integrate Data and Solve Common Knowledge and Project Management Problems

The Sentient Suite is a comprehensive, server-based suite of software tools that makes it possible to access, harmonize and integrate data from multiple sources. Sentient provides a master data integration and management environment based on the highest quality data for rich searching and reporting to share knowledge and insight for healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.

  • Turn dirty, disconnected data (EMR, drug discovery, drug safety, etc) into clean, consistent and harmonized data
  • Integrate data from multiple sources (files, instruments, databases, public sources) without creating new inflexible data silos
  • Utilize data regardless of format and location using existing hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Combine and contextualize data in a meaningful way to create new knowledgebases

The Sentient Suite can help save time, money and lives with the ability to uncover hidden relationships, accelerate discover and share knowledge and insight.

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The Suite includes the following products:

Sentient Knowledge Explorer A software application that leverages the power of AI-enhanced, ontology-enabled machine reasoning so users can easily create, explore, search and analyze “linked data.” Learn More
Sentient Web Query A web-based interface that makes it easy to access multiple databases and connect to any number of relational semantic and specialty databases with search, review and audit capabilities. Learn More
Sentient Applied Semantic Knowledgebase (ASK) An enterprise knowledge application that offers the ability for researches to visualize, test and validate systems-oriented hypotheses and apply informed decision-making. Learn More
Sentient Data Management The Sentient Data Management suite makes data-driven business and healthcare possible by providing a flexible, interoperable data management framework and customizable pipelines to automate data import and management. Learn More