Sentient Web Query

Secure, Compliant Access to Data-Driven Information via Easy Web Interface

The Sentient Web Query provides secure, compliant access to multiple databases through an easy-to-use web interface, providing researches, analysts and managers the ability to interact with their data from anywhere in the world.

  • Web-based search of any relational database, web service or Sentient data store
  • Predefined and ad-hoc drag-and-drop creation of complex search queries
  • Data and metadata search, review and audit capabilities
  • Runs from the Cloud and can be installed on your in-house servers
  • Easily export results to Excel, text, HTML, XML or Sentient Knowledge Explorer

Sentient Web Query, running on Sentient, can point to any number of relational, semantic and specialty databases to deliver true integrated queries on richly linked data for powerful search and reporting.

Sentient Web Query Request More Information
Looking at the results from a chemistry-related search in the Sentient Web Query, the scientist can either review structure, metadata and audit or refine the query with drawing and similar tools.
Content can be browsed by taxonomy for easy review of datasets with similar content. Images can be viewed in a standard web browser or analyzed in their native application.