Clinical Value Program

Helping You Turn Clinical Data into Gold for Better Patient Care & New Revenue

Hospitals, clinical care and clinical research organizations that have collected data for several years are sitting on a data goldmine. And, while real-world clinical data is unusually valuable, it is also unusually complex and diverse; even the most disciplined clinical practices will generate dirty data. That why Melissa Informatics created a unique program to help you realize new value from your clinical data to:

  • Improve patient care and support precision medicine research
  • Engage high paying pharmaceutical research partnerships
  • Realize new intellectual property from clinical practice data
  • Achieve unexpected new revenue by making the most of your clinical data

Melissa Informatics Clinical Value Program helps you take control of your data and free it for transparent access without requiring the time-consuming and expensive manual data curation typically needed.

Melissa Informatics brings advanced “AI” – including machine reasoning, natural language processing and machine learning using advanced graph databases – to reduce the time and cost for data harmonization and integration, and deliver a well-defined, interoperable and adaptable “knowledgebase” you can use to discover new treatment regimen, monetize research quality data and improve patient care.

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