Sentient Applied Semantic Knowledgebase (ASK)

Turn Insight into Value to Save Time, Money and Resources

ASKĀ® (Applied Semantic Knowlegebase) provides knowledge that can be practically applied to solve many of the challenges researchers face in realizing the promise of predictive biology and personalized medicine. By employing ASK, researchers have the freedom to focus on high level scientific goals instead of being bogged down by time and resource consuming efforts associated with traditional data management and manual curation tasks.

  • Move beyond traditional data capture and integration to realize practical value from your data
  • Get a competitive advantage in areas such as biomarker-based predictive biology and personalized medicine (predictive screening, toxicity profiling and more)
  • Shorten the path to drug discovery and ensure you optimize RORR (Return on Research Resources)
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ASK has been applied to identify disease targets and drug efficacy during early-stage drug discovery, presymptomatic toxicity detection in safety assessments during drug development, enhancing the detection of presymptomatic organ failure for researchers analyzing biomarker patterns, and identifying and stratifying different cancer types for targeted clinical trials or treatment of patients.
"ASK" provides researchers with the ability to perform hypothesis testing and informed decision-making in multiple areas of focus.