Sentient Knowledge Explorer

Solve Your Data Harmonization, Integration & Analysis Challenges

The Sentient Knowledge Explorer uses the power of semantic technologies to easily integrate data from virtually any source, turning it into coherent, unified knowledge databases that help accelerate research and discovery.

  • Import, create, manage and share data, thesauri, and ontologies using a point-and-click interface
  • Rapidly integrate new datasets using a flexible standards-based data model and AI-enabled data quality and analysis for harmonization
  • Enable advanced analytical strategies utilizing formal machine reasoning and semantic networks

The Knowledge Explorer makes it possible to discover hidden relationships and patterns from previously disconnected datasets by creating rich semantic queries directly from visual networks. It is a valuable tool for any industry that can benefit from data-driven information – ensuring consistent, correct information linked to semantic data to better identify and understand relationships for effective business decisions, hypothesis validation, and novel clinical insight.

The Sentient Knowledge Explorer can easily identify and biologically validate the genomic and metabolic biomarkers significantly affected by more than one experimental treatment.
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