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Melissa Data Sees Global Growth in Web-Based Data Quality Among Enterprise Customers

Server Location Strategy Drives Efficiency and Ensures Compliant,In-Country Processing for an Expanding Worldwide Clientele

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – March 20, 2017Melissa Data, a leading provider of global data quality solutions, today announced global server locations designed to ensure compliant, efficient data quality processing for its worldwide enterprise customer base. Recognizing 2016 growth in web-based data quality solutions that is consistently outpacing 2015 activity, the company’s globally located servers offer a robust growth infrastructure optimized for expanding enterprise services. Melissa Data anticipates a 165% increase in verification requests for Australia, 200% for China, and as high as 1400% for Germany. Melissa Data’s domestic business is also recognizing increased web-based services, anticipated to grow by 100% in contrast to 2015.

“Global reach with local support is the foundation of Melissa Data’s growth strategy and enterprise business operations – we’re working to meet the needs of each in-country user. Our customers not only capitalize on processing speeds inherent with local server calls, but also meet stringent compliance requirements for in-country data processing,” said Bud Walker, vice president enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa Data. “As the global marketplace continues its shift to data quality as a service, we have protocols in place to support a significant upswell in data requests worldwide.”

Melissa Data’s dedicated resources protect effective, real-time data quality processing with efficiency, uptime, and failover protection. Local servers also meet the broadest range of in-country compliance requirements, which bind international data quality users and their vendors to maintain customer data handling without crossing borders.

In-country processing requirements are growing rapidly in European markets and are well supported by Melissa Data’s facilities in Canada, France, Germany, and Ireland; Asia Pacific clients are supported with local data facilities in Australia. The firm’s U.S. server farm is shared between Richmond, Virginia, and now both Irvine and Rancho Santa Margarita, California, ensuring ideal uptime and load balancing for domestic enterprise users.

Demonstrating its focus on in-country processing and compliance, Melissa Data is one of only a handful of vendors licensed by Canada Post® to provide Canadian NCOA (National Change-of-Address) processing, matching data against 10+ million change-of-address records filed by Canadian households and businesses within the last 72 months. The company is also certified in Service Organization Controls (SOC 2), further assuring international enterprise users that data is handled with security, privacy, and integrity at every point along the spectrum of data quality operations. Call 1-800-MELISSA.

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