Harness Quality Big Data for Business Intelligence

Big Data can be powerful, but Big Data done wrong can end up just Big Bad Data. That’s where Data Quality Components for Pentaho® PDI become relevant. This unique set of customer data management tools leverages the integration power of Pentaho and Melissa’s suite of global data quality and enhancement solutions to empower businesses to collect data from any source, cleanse and transform it, and gain immediate insight for actionable intelligence.

  • Increase productivity with drag and drop visual development for Big Data integration and accessibility to all DBAs and analysts
  • Boost operational intelligence with the ability to embed enriched analytics into actionable line-of-business applications
  • Accelerate Time to Value employing powerful data quality routines using minimal time and effort
  • Improve Return on Investment (ROI) with quality data for better customer relationships, advanced analytics, and effective marketing segmentation.
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Melissa Data Quality and Enhancement Transforms

Melissa leverages the integration power of SQL Server to provide a full spectrum of data quality with the following transforms:

Pentaho Data Quality - Profiler


The Profiler transform provides intelligent data profiling to identify weak points in your data collection process, enforce business rules on incoming records and monitor improvements over time.

Pentaho Data Quality - Digital Identity Verification - Greece

Digital Identity Verification

The digital identity verification ensures that you comply with the AML- and KYC-rules on an international basis.

Pentaho Data Quality - Personator World - Greece

Personator World

The Personator World transform verifies an individual’s national ID, provides age verification, and provides watchlist/sanctions screening for fraud prevention and KYC/AML compliance.

Pentaho Data Quality - MatchUp - Greece


The MatchUp transform provides advanced deduping/matching capabilities and survivorship rules to eliminate duplicates and create a single customer view.

Pentaho Data Quality - Fuzzy Matching - Greece

Fuzzy Matching

The Fuzzy Matching component provides sophisticated fuzzy matching capabilities utilising more than 12 fuzzy matching and proprietary algorithms to identify hard-to-spot similar records.

Pentaho Data Quality - IP Locator - Greece

IP Locator

The IP Locator transform geolocates a given IP address and returns latitude/longitude, city, state, postal code, county, and ISP information.

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