Improve CRM Data, Improve Customer Relationships

Verify and correct contact data at point-of-entry or in batch to improve sales and marketing initiatives and provide a better customer experience.

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How Melissa Helps CRM Data

Exceptional customer relationships start with the personal touch that comes from knowing your customer. Melissa has worked with customer service departments and call centers for over 30 years, providing enterprises with data quality and enrichment tools to ensure a clear and holistic customer view that is accurate. Work with us to:

CRM Quality Impacts Everything

At the heart of every CRM suite and customer service call center is a contact database continually updated with customer information, sometimes with multiple points of data entry. As call centers increase their customer database, each source of customer information presents a need for verification and enrichment along with data accuracy to be maintained long term. See how our data quality solutions can help improve your operations, better understand customers and eliminate the pitfalls of poor contact data.


Improve call center operations, data entry & checkout forms with address autocompletion. Validates domestic & international addresses as you type.


Validate, correct, standardise & update all contact data elements at point of entry or in batch – name, address, email & phone.


Uncover, merge & purge difficult-to-find duplicate records for an accurate 360- degree view of the customer & to eliminate duplicate mailings.

Case Study: Jerry’s Artarama

How do you make e-commerce address verification a fine art? Ask Jerry’s Artarama. They implemented Melissa tools to validate customer contact data, keep that data safe from fraud, and make shipping and fulfillment faster and easier.

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Image layer

Now updates addresses
of customers who moved


Improved marketing initiatives by
adding geographic & demographic data


Reducing fraud by
verifying ID in real time


Reduced cart abandonment
with address autocompletion


30% reduction in
ordering mistakes