Parse, Genderise and Create Salutations for Individual and Company Names

Melissa Global Name API recognizes 650,000+ ethnically-diverse first and last names to ensure precise gender determination and verify valid individuals or companies in a field. Once names are corrected, gender is identified. Global Name Verification also offers a dictionary containing thousands of company names.

  • Personalise communications to increase opens and conversions
  • Split multiple names and parse names into their components (prefix, first, middle, last, and suffix)
  • Flag fake or vulgar names to reduce waste and fraud
  • Identify the gender of your audience for improved target marketing
  • Detect company names accidentally entered as a full name
  • Add casing for company names
  • Country input field sharpens the ability to parse names with a culturally accurate parsing mechanism
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Name Parsing

Global Name API takes full names and breaks them out into five components: Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Surname, and Suffix. Then a gender code is applied. Multiple name formats will be parsed into a single standard format.

Name Verification - Name Parsing- Turkey

Gender Determination

Adds a gender code to each parsed name as F, M, or N. "James" returns "M" for male, "Cheryl" returns "F" for female, and "Chris" or "Terry" which may be male or female-returns "N" for neutral.

Business Name Detection

Detects and flags company name in the input.
Global Name will also standardise company inputs for known company identifiers and special cased companies.

Name Verification - Business Name Parsing & Correct Casing

Scam Words

Flags vulgar words, fake names, and associated company words to help you screen out possible hoaxes and pranks such as Bugs Bunny as a first and last name.

Salutation Generator

Once you’ve parsed your names, identified gender, and removed non-name or bogus records, Global Name can create the desired custom salutations based on the format you want to use, including Formal, Informal, Default Slug, etc. Adding personalised salutations to your direct marketing efforts can boost response rates.

Name Verification - Salutation Generator - Turkey
Name Verification - Country Input Feature - Turkey

New Country Input Feature

Global Name now allows users to specify a country name for more appropriate parsing of international names for a recognized country, culture and language. For example, if the United States is specified, the name “Andres MiddleName Hernandez” would identify and parse “Hernandez” as a last name. However, if Spain is the configured culture, then “MiddleName Hernandez” would be identified as the last name – a more relevant parsing for Spanish culture.

Global Name Web API Developer Portal
Global Name Web API Verify, standardize and parse person and business names while identifying suspicious or vulgar names by sending in a full name. Now input a country name for culture-appropriate parsing!

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