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Melissa’s Data Integration Solutions

Melissa’s prebuilt plugins for the leading ETL and Data Integration platforms allow users to avoid the need to build the integration between their internal systems and our services. This helps users quickly move beyond tactical data quality efforts to engage in a more complete strategy combining data quality, data governance, and master data management. As you migrate your data, clean it as well to save time, streamline operations and ensure accurate data can be used across the enterprise.

Global Address Verification - Verify Addresses Worldwide - 240+ Supported Countries & Territories

Pentaho Data Integration

Data profiling, global contact verification, deduplication, change-of-address processing, IP locator, and firmographics and property appending.

Global Address Autocompletion - Suggests Valid Addresses As You Type - Improve Conversions - Save Keystrokes

Microsoft SQL Server Integration

Data profiling, generalized cleansing, global contact verification for 240+ countries, postal presorting, deduplication, IP location, and change-of-address processing.

Global Address Correction - Fill in Missing Components in Your Data - Zipcode, Region

Contact Zone: The Customer Data Management Platform

Leverage the power of Pentaho and Melissa's data quality to collect data from any source, cleanse and transform it, and gain immediate insight and meaningful use.

Benefits of Data Integration

Melissa has integrated the full spectrum of data quality into SSIS, PDI, and Contact Zone’s easy to use platforms. These solutions offer capabilities far beyond most standalone data quality offers, empowering organizations to:

  • Access any system in batch or real-time
  • Profile and analyze data from any source for discovery
  • Validate, correct and standardize all data types
  • Transform and reconcile all data types for improved integration
  • Deliver the right data, at the right time, in the right format
  • Monitor data continuously to ensure consistency
Benefits of Data Integration

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