Clean and Enrich Contact Records – in the Cloud, in Excel, or on your Desktop with Listware

Data is the lifeblood of your business; driving every aspect of customer communication, analytics, decision-making and strategy. But data goes stale fast – at an average rate of 2 percent per month.

Melissa’s Listware is the all-in-one data quality tool designed to stop bad data in its tracks. It’s affordable and easy to use with pay-as-you-go pricing that includes up to 1000 free credits every month.
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No contracts, no hidden fees, no bloated plans. Getting data clean couldn’t be easier!

  • Verify and update customer records to improve marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Standardize data and dedupe records to improve the accuracy of reporting
  • Add detailed property, demographic and firmographic info for more precise segmentation, lead scoring, territory planning, etc.
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Listware Versions and Capabilities

Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Listware Online Highlights - Australia

Listware Online Highlights

  • No software needed
  • Easily upload your file from anywhere: laptop, iPad, or even mobile
  • Select your cleansing functions and Listware Online notifies you when your file is ready
Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Listware for Excel Highlights - Australia

Listware for Excel Highlights

  • Easy list cleaning with enterprise-like power
  • Open a spreadsheet, hit the Listware button and start cleaning
  • Color coded reporting shows you how many records are good, bad, corrected
Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Listware Desktop Highlights - Australia

Listware Desktop Highlights

  • Open source software for developers: easy installation and customization
  • Easily modify the code to add the features you want

Listware Capabilities

Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Address Verification - Australia

Address Verification

Verify, correct, and standardize U.S., Canada and international addresses to local postal formats for over 240 countries to ensure deliverability.

Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Address Autocomplete - Australia

Address Autocomplete

Quickly and accurately autocomplete U.S. and international addresses – reducing keystrokes by up to 50% while ensuring only valid, properly formatted data is applied to your records.

Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Phone Verification - Australia

Phone Verification

Verify U.S., Canada, and international numbers, append useful geographic information associated with the phone number, and perform premium real-time checks to distinguish live numbers and phone types.

Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Email Verification - Australia

Email Verification

Validate and parse email addresses, correct common typographical errors, and standardize email addresses to improve deliverability and reduce spam. Features real-time email mailbox verification to remove up to 95% of bad emails at point of entry.

Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Complete U.S. Data Quality - Australia

Complete U.S. Data Quality

Verify name, address, email, and phone associated with a record, get the most up-to-date address, and enrich records with rooftop geocodes (lat/longs) and missing email, phone, address, and demographic data.

Self-Service Data Quality Tools - Duplicate Check - Australia

Duplicate Check

Check, find, and prevent duplicate records and clean up duplicates that are already in your database. Utilizes fuzzy matching methods to find hard-to-detect duplicates caused by misspellings, typos, and different formatting.

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