Copy and Paste Phone and Email List into Text Box

Use the Batch Phone and Email Check Tool to check and verify phone numbers and email addresses in batch. Check up to 100 rows and 200 objects (phone and email) at a time.

  • Verify up to 250 rows and 500 objects (phone or email) at a time.
  • Copy phone, email and Paste into text box. Country selection is optional.
  • Column header row is not required.
  • if multiple phones or email exist in a row, they must be separated by Comma(,) or Tab.
  • Maximum 2 columns are allowed in a row.
  • A prefix of "+" indicates phone number includes country code
    (i.e. +19498583000).
  • Charge is 1 credit per object.
  • Maximum 10 rows are allowed to unregistered or not logged-in users.
  • Submit displays results to screen.
  • Excel downloads result to an Excel file.
  • Text displays text (tab delimited) results on screen.
  • JSON & XML returns results in given format.