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Data Quality Components per Pentaho®

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Data Quality Components per Pentaho©

Data Quality Component Per Pentaho è lo strumento aziendale perfetto per ottenere un vantaggio competitivo facendo leva sul CDI o Custumer Data Integration. Contact Zone si collega a praticamente qualsiasi database, tra cui Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, Salesforce, SAP, XML e molti altri, e opera come hub centrale per tutte le vostre esigenze di pulizia, di verifica e consolidamento dati.Data Quality Component per Pentaho standardizza, pulisce, e fa combaciare le informazioni attraverso le fonti più disparate per risolvere e unificare i dati del “cliente / contatto” e sincronizzarlo in tutta l'azienda.


For problems with data that fails to comply with business rules and standards: Identify it. Data profiling uses a data-driven approach to flag and identify data issues, as well as their prevalence, so they can be addressed. Profiling is your first step in the data cleansing process, as it acts as an evaluation tool to find out what your database truly needs. It determines if your data is properly fielded, formatted, and standardized. Address your data weaknesses and keep your business running like a well-oiled machine to increase your business intelligence.

Global Contact Verify

When you have invalid addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses from around the world: Correct them! We verify and standardize data for more than 240 countries around the globe—with geocodes to the rooftop latitude and longitude. Gain real-time email inbox validation, transliteration of 8 major alphabets, and enrichment from U.S. Census data. Whether your data is big or small, Global Contact Verify fits your business needs.

ID Verification

If you have missing names, phone numbers, or email addresses within your database: Complete them! Personator verifies an individual’s identity is valid by matching name-to-address and prevents returned shipments and reshipping fees. Personator also offers a five-point approach to ensuring you have the most complete, accurate and actionable data around – it cleans and verifies your records, appends missing information and move-updates stale address data. Protect your data from decay with updates from 2.1 billion consumers. Personator is also a valuable demographics tool. From household income to occupation, and marital status; gain deeper insight into the lifestyles of your customers to truly personalize their experience.


When your database is overflowing with redundant records: Dedupe them! We provide over a dozen fuzzy-matching algorithms to pinpoint and draw together one individual record from a mess of duplicates. Records don’t need to be in the same format to be found. With MatchUp, you gain the ability to match, merge, and purge records to create a single golden record. We even match records that might contain confusing data inconsistencies.

Change of Address

If your contacts have moved: Reach them! SmartMover updates addresses of people or businesses that have relocated within the U.S. and Canada. Track customers who move within the U.S. with a 48-month change-of-address subscription. For Canadian customers, a SmartMover subscription provides NCOA processing with Canada Post for 72-months. With these updates from Melissa, you know you will always remain in touch.

IP Locator

Trying to ascertain web visitor locations? Identify them! We provide analytics on everywhere your web visitors are pouring in from; no matter their geographic location. IP Locator contains comprehensive mobile IP location and appends latitude, longitude, ISP, City, State, and Country from IP Address to better identify suspicious or fraudulent activity. It also brings additional focus to your data to identify your target market. When you see where your customers live, your marketing strategy grows in agility.


If you need a full picture of B2B clients and prospects: See them. We enrich your data with firmographics from 25 million comprehensive, multisourced business records. Add business names based on address, phone number, stock ticker, or web address. Then, append SIC codes, sales volumes, employee sizes, phone numbers, NAICS Codes, and more. Our enrichments provide you the feedback you need to improve your competitive edge. Feel confident that you understand who your business contacts are.


If you need comprehensive property and mortgage data: Access it. We offer comprehensive property and mortgage data from over 140 million records. These enrichments may be appended to your contact records: Parcel details, prior sales, owners, and more from 12 main categories with 165 information fields. See owner name and contact information; current or prior sale information; current trust deed, lot footage or acreage, building history, and property value details. With our frequent updates you can sharpen your focus: gain the ability to identify trends in real estate or see neighborhood demographics shift over time. Always stay one step ahead.

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