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Data decays at an average rate of 2 percent per month, which means up to 25-30 percent of your organization’s contact data goes bad each year, undermining marketing effectiveness and profitablility. Listware helps you clean up and enrich all your People Data fast – names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Listware is affordable and easy to use with pay-as-you-go pricing that includes up to 1000 free credits every month. Learn more about Listware credits.

No contracts, no hidden fees, no bloated plans. Getting clean data couldn’t be easier!

  • Verify and update customer records to improve marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Add detailed info to customer records for more precise segmentation, lead scoring, territory planning, etc.
  • Standardize data and dedupe records to improve the accuracy of reporting

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Easy add-in for Microsoft® Office Excel – simply download and click install to add the power of data cleaning to your spreadsheets. Ideal for sales personnel, marketers, realtors, and insurance agents.


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Global Address Verification is Avaible As Cloud Service


Use the Listware app in the world’s leading CRM (customer relationship management) platform to cleanse, update and dedupe leads, customers and accounts.

Global Address Verification is Avaible As Service Bureau


Upload your files securely for batch processing any time you want, 24/7. Listware Online accepts CSV, Text (.txt, .dat), or Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files.

Listware Capabilities

Melissa's Listware Capabilities Provide Enrichment, U.S.A. and Canada Check and Verify, and Move Update.


Append missing names, email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers to empower omnichannel marketing and ensure you can reach your customers the way they want you to. Other services include adding detailed consumer demographics and geographic info for improved segmentation and targeting.

  • Complete your records with missing email, phone, name, and address info

  • Access 2.1 billion consumer records to add info like: date of birth; gender; marital status; household income; and more

  • Add precise latitude/longitude coordinates to U.S. postal addresses at the rooftop level or the ZIP+4® level, depending on your accuracy needs

U.S. and Canada Check and Verify

Data Cleansing

Listware offers two levels of data verification for your U.S. and Canadian contact records.

  • Check
    Quick and inexpensive data cleansing operation that checks the validity of U.S. and Canadian postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and names.

  • Verify
    Cross-matches a contact name with an address to make sure the two are associated. Ideal to verify IDs for risk assessment or fraud prevention.

Move Update

Returns the current addresses for U.S. individuals and companies that have moved going back 10 years. For the USPS Move Update requirement for postal discounts, please see SmartMover below.


Some databases have up to 30% duplicate records – causing waste in your marketing efforts and preventing you from getting a single view of the customer. Listware MatchUp quickly profiles your data, finds duplicate or similar records, and effortlessly merges them without losing any important data.

  • Find all the exact and similar records in a database or spreadsheet
  • Link together two or more spreadsheets and find overlapping records in each
  • Automatically match new data to prevent duplicates
Eliminate waste and get a clear view of your customers with Melissa's MatchUp Component for Listware. ListWare MatchUp quickly profiles your data, removes duplicates, and flawlessly merges them without losing important contact data.
Enrich your data with firmographics from over 25 million business records with Melissa's BusinessCoder Component for Listware.


Listware BusinessCoder enriches your data with firmographics from 25 million business records. Get info like company address, phone numbers, stockticker, website, employee size, SIC codes, sales volumes, and more. See all available fields [link to popup with all fields] Completing your business records with valuable firmographics will help improve lead scoring, increase response rates, and maximize nurturing efforts.


Listware Property provides access to a comprehensive property and ownership database. Add detailed info from 140 million U.S. properties to fulfill multiple business needs including acquisition marketing, customer retention, cross-selling, and loan preparation, among others.

  • Choose from 165 available information fields including parcel details, prior sales, building history, owner info and more to complete your files. See All Available Fields

  • Identify real estate trends & neighborhood characteristics to pinpoint prospects and refine marketing lists

  • Increase per-customer revenue and strengthen loyalty by cross-selling additional products
Fulfill multiple business needs including acquisition marketing, customer retention, cross-selling, and more with Melissa's Property Component for Listware.
Melissa's SmartMover Component for Listware provides change of address processing that updates the addresses of your U.S. and/or Canadian customers.


Move than 43 million Americans and 4 million Canadians move each year. Listware SmartMover provides change-of-address processing that will update the addresses of your U.S. and/or Canadian customers. With current addresses, you can slash costs associated with undeliverable-as-addressed mail (UAA), qualify for postal discounts, and ensure you stay in contact with your customers.

  • Use USPS® NCOALink® processing to match your addresses against the full USPS 48-month dataset containing 160 million moves - updated weekly

  • Access the Canada Post NCOA® file containing 72 months of data to ensure the most up-to-date Canadian addresses - updated monthly

  • Caption: Clean your mailing list prior to mailing to increase the number of pieces that reach the correct destination and reduce the number of returned pieces

  • Satisfy the USPS Move-Update requirement for postal discounts (US only)

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