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Data Quality Tools for Shopware

Did you know that 67% of visitors abandon their shopping cart? It usually happens while completing required checkout fields. Fortunately, most potential customers do want to buy. So how can you boost checkout conversion rates and increase orders? Add Melissa's plugins to your Shopware site. These plugins simplify checkouts by giving your shopping cart type-ahead address autocomplete functionality while ensuring only verified billing and shipping addresses enter your systems. Faster, easier checkout leads to better conversions and more accurate fulfilment - now what could be better than that?

  • Verify, standardize, and format address data for 240+ countries to improve shipping
  • Autocomplete addresses to reduce address correction and returned mail costs

How it Works

Data quality plugins for Shopware make the entire customer experience seamless and hassle-free.
Best of all, they ensure only perfect addresses enter your systems so your shipments arrive on time, every time, anywhere in the world.

Autocomplete your entries with verified addresses in real-time and optimize web form entry with 50% fewer keystrokes with Melissa's Global Express Entry Component for Shopware.

Global Address Autocompletion

Autocomplete entries with verified addresses in real-time and speed up web form entry with 50% fewer keystrokes. Global Express Entry uses advanced fuzzy logic to suggest the right address as a user types. A faster and easier checkout process reduces form abandonment and increases the chances of a customer completing their purchase. Grow your business when you upgrade your user experience. Then, save money when you eliminate wasted shipping costs due to incorrect addresses in your database.

Global Address Verification

Verify, correct, transliterate, standardize, and format address data for countries all over the world. Keep customers happy and ready to buy again by ensuring timely deliveries and fulfillment. Global Address Verification also adds missing components such as postal codes or region, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a complete address to ship your package to. Plus, append precise geocodes (lat/long coordinates) for more than 40 countries and territories to pinpoint exact location of an international address.

Verify, correct, transliterate, standaradize, and format address data for countries all over the world with Melissa's Global Address Verification Component for Shopware.

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