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Reverse GeoCoder®

Add Accurate Address Data to Your Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

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Reverse Geocoder

Reverse geocoding works like regular geocoding—but it takes latitude and longitude and converts it to a mapped address. So, imagine you have a GPS signal with latitude and longitude coordinates, but want information about the address or place this address represents. Imagine that with this information, you get the latest TIGER® address data, sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau®, for the most accurate geocodes and specific location facts like house number, city, state, ZIP Code™, FIPS code, and more. That’s Melissa’s Reverse GeoCoder.

  • Translate GPS signals into exact addresses for location-based services, applications, and precise vehicle tracking
  • Expedite emergency and relief efforts by knowing exactly where to send help
  • Push real-time, geo-targeted marketing messages to mobile audiences who are ready to buy now

Reverse Geocoder Provides:

Global Address Verification

Appended Address Data to Lat/Long Coordinates

Ways to Access Reverse GeoCoder

Data Cleansing 

Reverse Geocoding Appends:

  • Address Lines
  • Suite Name
  • Suite Count
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Distance From Location
  • Address Key

How It Works

Appended Address Data to Coordinates

Reverse GeoCoder takes latitude and longitude location points and translates them into a verifiable address or place name to identify street addresses, neighborhoods, and even specific places. The lat/long coordinates are automatically converted into more useful and understandable geolocation data, which you can apply to advertising, content localization, digital rights management, fraud prevention, and more. Accurately mapping addresses saves time, money, and, in the case of emergency relief efforts—lives.

For location-based services (LBS) and disaster response teams, this means delivering supplies or trained responders sooner for critical recovery. Reverse GeoCoder helps provide real-time roadside help to get to those in need faster by extracting address data from GPS coordinates, so emergency responders can get to the scene ASAP.

Melissa’s Reverse GeoCoder can also assist with marketing and mailing efforts. With just an IP address or mobile GPS coordinates, you can target customers by specific area in Web, social media, and even mobile. So, when Bob is looking for a tie to match his new suit, Ties For Bob can send him a personalized message and discounts for the store nearest him. This bridges the gap between customer and technology, and ensures precision with a maximum 10-mile address range for all outputs. The best part – your business gets virtually immediate data 24/7. Integrate location-based marketing easily with almost any platform.

Melissa's Global Address Service verifies, corrects, transliterates, and formats addresses from over 240+ countries

Appended Melissa Address Key® for Data Enrichment

Reverse GeoCoder returns an array of useful information for immediate use, as well as an unique address identifier called Melissa Address Key (MAK®). This 10-digit number never changes and assigns a persistent, barcode-like key to all addresses in the U.S. and Canada through Melissa’s Master Address Table® (MAT®). The MAT contains over 180 million U.S. addresses, including more than 2 million non-USPS® addresses that the USPS doesn’t deliver to.

With MAK, you get an address identifier that can be used with other Melissa services to obtain information like Delivery Type Indicator (also known as Residential/Business Delivery Indicator), geographical, and property information (rooftop latitude and longitude, census tract/block number, county name and FIPS codes) to further enhance your customer data. Address Keys are ideal additions for analytics, mapping, and logistics applications.

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