Clean Data Powers Semarchy xDM Master Data Management

Melissa data quality tools integrate with Semarchy xDM master data management Software to deliver unique capabilities to clean, standardise and verify global address, name, phone, and email information. This allows Semarchy and Melissa users to increase the quality of supplier, location, and customer data within a single, de-duplicated 360-degree view. Melissa’s address and identity verification plugins can be deployed on premises or in the cloud, empowering you to:

  • Move beyond tactical data quality efforts to engage in a more complete strategy that combines data quality, data governance and master data management
  • Model any domain and manage data automatically in batch or via collaboration workflows and generated user interfaces
  • Verify and standardise address, name, email, and phone numbers
  • Enrich records by geocoding addresses and adding location intelligence as well as missing contact data including email address, phone, and postal address
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Melissa Data Quality and Enhancement Transforms

Melissa leverages the integration power of Semarchy xDM to provide a full spectrum of data quality with the following transforms:

Semarchy Data Quality - Digital Identity Verification - Greece

Digital Identity Verification

The digital identity verification ensures that you comply with the AML- and KYC-rules on an international basis.

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