A Clean CRM is a Happy CRM

In this world of data-driven global business, it’s more important than ever to achieve a single, accurate view of your customers. Our CRM Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will easily keep all your global People Data – name, address, phone, & email accurate & up-to-date. With clean data, you can maximise ROI from your CRM investments by ensuring your data enables you to provide a great customer experience. With Melissa, it’s easy to get on the road to a happy CRM.

  • Autocomplete, verify & correct contacts before they enter the CRM
  • Keep contacts clean & up-to-date for improved sales follow up, & marketing initiatives
  • Protect the quality of your customer data with real-time, point of entry data cleansing or batch processing

Dynamics CRM Highlights

  • Seamless integration with all standard forms (Account, Competitor, Contact, Invoice, Lead, Order, & Quote)
  • Real-time & batch processing options
  • Support for the following versions of Dynamics CRM: Dynamics 365 Online version 9.0 & above.
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CRM Suite Capabilities

CRM Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Global Address Autocomplete - Belgium

Global Address Autocomplete

Quickly & accurately autocomplete national & international addresses – reducing keystrokes by up to 50% while ensuring only valid, properly formatted data is applied to your records.

CRM Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Global Address Verification - Belgium

Global Address Verification

Verify, correct & standardise addresses to local postal formats for over 240 countries and territories to ensure deliverability.

CRM Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Global Phone Verification - Belgium

Global Phone Verification

Verify national & international numbers, append useful geographic information associated with the phone number, & perform premium real-time checks to distinguish live numbers & phone types.

CRM Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Global Email Verification - Belgium

Global Email Verification

Validate & parse email addresses, correct common typographical errors, & standardise email addresses to improve deliverability & reduce spam. Features real-time email mailbox verification.

CRM Suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Duplicate Check - Belgium

Duplicate Check

Check, find & prevent duplicate records & clean up duplicates that are already in your database. Utilises fuzzy matching methods to find hard-to-detect duplicates caused by misspellings, typos, & different formatting.

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