Simple & Straightforward: Just "pay-as-you-go"

Address validation is not expensive. In fact, the cost of using our Data Quality Web Services is an investment for companies - which "pays off" from the very first check. Real costs and risks arise only when data is processed in systems without being checked or standardised.

1 check = 1 transaction

We offer our customers various billing models for the use of our web services. 1 check equals to 1 web service transaction. And with 1 transaction you can check every country worldwide, which is supported by Melissa.

Usage-based billing

With our pay-as-you-go option, we bill transactions monthly based on your consumption. You simply calculate your monthly demand and just pay the price tailored to you.

You can select your suitable monthly billing package for 12 months address verification from the following options.

Test 500
1 Month

Free Test now
s 1.000
worldwide checks
per month

0,055 € Price per check
Buy Now
worldwide checks
per month

0,045 € Price per check
Buy Now
worldwide checks
per month

0,035 € Price per check
Buy Now
XL 50.000+
worldwide checks
per month

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Credit Expiration Notice:
The Credit Balance will be reset to 0 if there is no activity (consumes/purchases) within one year.

All prices in EUR are exclusive of VAT 05/2020
Melissa reserves the right to change either the required number of credits for a particular service or individual credit cost at its discretion and without notice. Melissa shall prioritize maintaining consistency and fairness with respect to such changes, however, market conditions or other external factors may require Melissa to make adjustments as necessary.

Flexible technologies require flexible pricing

We can also offer you this usage-based billing for our other web services such as international autocompletion of addresses, email and telephone check or IP localisation. Talk to us about this.

We can generally adjust the price individually to your needs. We can also provide tailor-made prices for a wide variety of business cases (e.g. address verification only in Germany, DACH or US). If you use several web services, we can offer you a special "bundle package" price.

Pay-as-you-go vs. Prepaid

As an alternative, we also have still prepaid packages for our Data Quality Web Services available. Here you calculate an annually demand and buy a package of queries once for one year. We can offer you these annual contingents of transactions on even more attractive terms in the lower single-digit cent range for each validation - with high volumes, the individual transaction price decreases.

Contact us at for an individual offer. Or just give us a call at +49 (0)221 97 58 92 40.

We would be happy to provide you with a free test account, so that you can evaluate our technologies independently and without obligation!