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Response Level Errors

Response Level Errors

When sending a web service request, there are a few different errors you may encounter. To troubleshoot these errors, the service response will return a Transmission Results property with result codes. For Example:


Once you get the result code, you can look up the associated definition in the product documentation to better understand the error.

For a list of all the possible Response Level Errors, see Result Codes - Response Level Errors.

Licensing Errors

Your Melissa License Key has an expiration date, a set amount of records to process, and is for specific products. This key is required in each web request you make for your Melissa software to function. You must resolve any licensing errors before the Melissa service will work.

The following result codes deal with license key issues:

Code Short Description Long Description & Solution
GE04 Empty License Key No License Key was passed into the service. Make sure you set the License Key.
GE05 Invalid License Key The License Key was invalid. Make sure you have the full and correct License Key set.
GE06 Disabled License Key The License Key was valid, but disabled. Contact your Melissa Sales Representative to update your subscription.

Common Transmission Errors

The following are common transmission result codes you may see while submitting a request. You'll see these when the requirements for a valid request are not met or when the service itself encounters an error.

Code Short Description Long Description & Solution
SE01 Cloud Service Internal Error The Cloud Service experienced an internal Error. Try the request again. If this error continues, check the product wiki page for updates or notices on the service.
GE02 Empty Request Record Structure The Request Record Structure was empty. Check your input data and the minimum required input fields for your service.
GE03 Records Per Request Exceeded The requested records limit was exceeded. Most Melissa web services have a limit of 100 records per request. Ensure you are not going over the maximum limit for your selected service.
GE07 Invalid Request The Request was considered invalid. Double-check your request code for typos and required input fields.
GE08 Product/Level Not Enabled The product (or level of product) is not enabled for this license key. Make sure you're using the correct License Key for your product. If you think you have a correct subscription level, contact your Melissa Sales Representative.