Dealing with bad data is a task no business needs on their checklist. Inaccurate, outdated, and duplicate records can build up in your database, affecting operational efficiency, the customer experience, and your bottom line. For 37+ years, Melissa has helped our customers succeed with the best Address Verification, Identity Verification and Data Enrichment solutions available.

Unify Data

Bad Data Buildup

  • Returned Mail & Packages
  • Money Laundering & Fraud
  • Decreased Customer Insight
Prevent Bad Data

Data Cleanliness

  • Real-time Address Verification
  • Identity Resolution & Watchlist Screening
  • Geographic & Demographic Data Appends

30 BILLION - that’s how many records we validated last year alone! When it comes to bad data, trust the Address Experts to deliver high-quality address verification, identity resolution, and data hygiene solutions. Ask us about a Free Proof of Concept and our 120-Day ROI guarantee.