Comma delimited Text (CSV)
CustID, Name, City, State, ZIP, Phone, Email
A1003,David Kim,Irvine,CA, , ,
A1005,James Brown, ,CA, , ,
A1007,Kiwom Dosirak,Irvine, , ,949-123-4567,

Tab delimited Text (Copy from Excel)
CustID Name City State ZIP Phone Email
A1003 David Kim Irvine CA
A1005 James Brown CA
A1007 Kiwom Dosirak Irvine 949-123-4567

1 Credit per Record

Copy and Paste Person Name and City, State or ZIP Code List into Text Box

Use the Batch Personator Search tool to find people up to 500 records at once.

  • Copy records (name and city or ZIP code) from Excel and Paste into text box.
  • First row can have column names (a header row).
  • Columns must be delimited by Comma(,) or Tab or Pipe(|).
  • Max column count is 10.
  • Charge is 10 credits per row.
  • Preview & Map Columns parses addresses and previews the columns header mapped.
  • HTML displays results to screen.
  • Excel downloads result to an Excel file.
  • Text displays text (tab delimited) results on screen.
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