> Batch Business Check

  • Verify, correct & standardize up to 500 companies + addresses.
  • Copy Company Name AND Address columns from Excel and Paste into text box.
    ( i.e. Melissa Data 22382 Avenida Empresa Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 )
  • Column header row is not required. One company name and address in a row.
  • Charge is 1 credit per row.
  • Maximum 10 companies are allowed to unregistered or not logged-in users.
  • Check out the new Business Coder Cloud Service for custom applications.
  • Business Mailing Lists & Sales Leads.
  • Global Business Web API for custom applications and developers.
  • Submit displays results to screen.
  • Excel downloads result to an Excel file.
  • Text displays text (tab delimited) results on screen.
  • JSON & XML returns results in given format.
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