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If you utilize Express Entry address autocomplete in your web forms or shopping cart, your customers benefit from easier checkout and you are assured accurate billing and shipping information in half the time. Now, let others know you are powering these solutions with Express Entry—and earn free rewards!

We’ll add up to 30,000 transactions to your subscription for free when you share the love for Melissa’s Express Entry.

30,000 transactions = 3,000 addresses!

Just display our logo on the form where you use Express Entry and we’ll give you free credits. It’s that easy. You can use any of our GIF or PNG logos, available below for your convenience. Using our logo provides your customers with the promise of quality from Melissa. It’s a seal of approval that you have verifiable data powering your form.

Plus, refer a friend to use Express Entry, and we’ll give you an additional 10,000 transactions (1,000 addresses) for every referral.

Please read the Logo Usage Guide

Please Read the Logo Usage Guide for information on how to properly display the logo for compliance here