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Melissa is the leader in address verification and has been for over 30 years.
Through decades of enhancements, our address and data cleansing solutions yield proprietary features and capabilities the competition cannot meet. Melissa offers full spectrum data quality protection – all the tools you need to better understand your audience, improve communications and analytics, delivery and response – and ultimately boost your bottom line and grow your business.

Global Address Verification Real-time, point-of-entry address correction and validation for 240+ countries and territories. Correct and standardize international addresses to local country formats – from Adelaide, Australia to Zipaquira, Columbia. Every address from A to Z!
Global Email Verification Authenticate customer’s email address to increase deliverability, avoid high bounce rates and protect your sender reputation. Verify emails and remove up to 95% of bad emails. Ping each email to ensure it's active and can receive mail.
Global Phone Verification Ensure U.S. and international mobile and landline phone numbers are valid and callable. Verify phone numbers for over 240+ countries, and identify country of origin from the international access code.
Duplication Elimination Remove duplicate records using deep domain knowledge and advanced fuzzy matching techniques to reduce costs and get a clearer picture of your contacts.
Data Enrichments Add missing name, email, phone numbers to your records. Enrich your records with demographic, IP location, geocodes, lifestyle and business information to improve analytics and Know Your Customer efforts.
Change-of-Address Processing Update the addresses of consumers and businesses that have moved.
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