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Data Quality Plugins for Magento®

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Data Quality Plugins for Magento®

Melissa provides data quality tools that easily plugin to your Magento e-commerce site to enhance the checkout process, while ensuring that only valid billing and shipping address info enters your system.

The result? Fewer abandoned shopping carts due to time-consuming checkout data entry and reduced misdelivery charges associated with inaccurate shipping information.

Increased sales and happier customers – what could be better?

  • Clean, verify, and standardize addresses in 240+ countries to eliminate the cost of returned goods
  • Autocomplete forms to capture more info in 50% less time, decrease cart abandonment and increase fulfillments
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster deliveries and more accurate shipping

Melissa's Magento Plugins Provide:

Cut time in half with Melissa's Express Entry Plugin for Magento which features type-ahead functionality.

Global Express Entry Autocomplete

Welcome to data entry made easy.

Melissa's Express Entry plugin enhances Magento checkout with address autocomplete to find the address you’re looking for in half the time! Start typing an address—Express Entry suggests the correct option with type-ahead functionality, and allows one-click autofill with verified, accurate addresses and emails. It includes the full street address, city, state and ZIP Code™ for U.S. addresses, as well as locality, administrative area, and postal code for international addresses.

Express Entry captures leads with 100% accuracy and can be integrated easily into forms during checkout and registration. It suggests a verified address based on the user’s typing – then it populates those fields with the verified address components, and all in real-time for every field with data for over 240 countries around the world. You’ll decrease cart abandonment and increase sales by making the checkout process quick and effortless. By populating your databases with only accurate addresses, your deliveries and invoices will always arrive at the right place, at the right time.

Global Address Verification

Post-checkout validation for contact data in over 240 countries, at your service! With Melissa's Global Address Verification (GAV) plugin for Magento, worldwide data quality is part of the package. Integrate GAV’s web service into your Magento checkout to append missing address data as you need it, such as postal codes, regions, apartment/suite numbers, and more. Suggest correct alternatives in the case of typos, misspellings, incomplete addresses, and wrong postal codes to provide a full quality service for clients, even after the order payment.

With GAV, you can also take advantage of international geocoding, which provides the latitude and longitude rooftop coordinates for addresses in over 40 countries around the world. Just plugin and increase the accuracy of your mail with verified international address verification, before you ship, to avoid the cost of returned goods undeliverable as addressed.

Additionally, GAV can transliterate and standardize addresses. Many languages across the world need to be transliterated (or converted into Latin) in the backend in order to have a standardized database. Instead of having some global addresses in a Chinese script and others in Japanese characters, all addresses will be standardized in a Latin-based format.

The simple admin panel and easy installation make the GAV plugin a perfect addition to your Magento cart. It’s non-invasive, automatically validating information against major address databases in the background, and does not change any template or layout files in Magento.

Melissa's Global Address Verification Component for Magento provides post-checkout validation for contact data in over 240 countries!

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