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Product Update

General Cleansing Component for Pentaho® and SSIS

By Joseph Vertido, Data Quality Analyst

The new Melissa Data Cleanser has been released for Pentaho Data Integration – with this component, you can now apply different cleansing operations to your data using Pentaho transformations or jobs.

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MD Cleanser within a Pentaho Transformation

This component will cleanse any type of data passed through it. The component has six main cleansing operations – casing, punctuation, abbreviation, search and replace, programmatic expressions, and regular expressions.

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Cleansing Operation Chaining

Users can link these six operations, as well as save operations – simple or complex –to apply to future projects. Programmatic expressions and regular expressions may also be used to trigger operations – giving users the ability to self-validate non-contact data to their own specifications.

Global Verify for Global Email Services screenshot
Expression Builder to create programmatic expressions

This component is beneficial to users in many different industries as it offers the ability to standardize and validate inventory lists, correct automobile data, and much more. With the MD Cleanser, operations that were previously programmatically-created are now one click away.