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December 2016

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Greetings to all MVPs!

Joseph Vertido, MVP Channel Manager2016 has been a good year for Melissa Data. With all our latest products and innovations, we’re proud to be your partner in delivering the best solutions for data quality. We look forward to another good year! Here are some of this year’s highlights:

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Plugins
New plugins were developed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM including:

Business Coder – Firmographics Appends
Personator – Contact Data Verification, Appends and Enrichment
Express Entry – Auto-complete addresses for over 200 countries and territories

Generalized Cleansing Component
Generalized cleansing for generating your own rules, expressions, regexes, lookup tables, search and replace, and formatting/standardization rules to accommodate any data type. This year, we released the Pentaho® version of the plugin, and next year, we will release the SSIS version.

Global Phone with HLR Technology
Using HLR Lookup Technology, our Global Phone Web Service provides the capability to check cell phone numbers in real-time, allowing for the most accurate determination of the validity of phone numbers.

Salesforce® MatchUp Plugin
Detecting duplicate records has never been easier in Salesforce, with the use of our MatchUp Plugin. Enable real-time fuzzy duplicate detection even before you insert a record in Salesforce, along with our other Salesforce plugins for data cleansing, to maintain quality contact data information.

Next year, we have more data quality innovations slated for release including our Magento® Plugins, Talend Components, the Enterprise Data Quality Software, the Contact Zone open source Data Integration and Data Quality platform, and more.

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Joseph Vertido
Product Development Manager | MVP Program Manager | T: 800-635-4772 x1827

Product Update

General Cleansing Component for Pentaho and SSIS

General Cleansing Component for Pentaho and SSIS

By Joseph Vertido, Product Development Manager

The new Melissa Data Cleanser has been released for Pentaho Data Integration! With this component you can now apply different cleansing operations to your data using Pentaho transformations or jobs. This component will attempt to cleanse any type of data passed through it, regardless of data type. Users can now attempt to standardize and validate a full spectrum of data using the suite of Melissa Data products. The component has six main cleansing operations – casing, punctuation, abbreviation, search and replace, programmatic expressions, and regular expressions.
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Global Express Entry for Dynamics CRM

Global Express Entry for Dynamics CRM

By Samuel Chung, QA Programmer

Dirty data is a problem for every CRM environment. One of the best ways to keep your data clean is to prevent bad data from entering into your records in the first place. Global Express Entry, for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is a solution that enables address auto-completion at the point-of-entry. This service will complete addresses from 240 countries and territories with information that has already been validated. This prevents the entry of misinformation as well as saving on undeliverable marketing mail. Keep your addresses correctly formatted and standardized with a simple install.
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The Data Management Struggle is Real

The Data Management Struggle is Real

Leverage Our Professional Services to Power Your Business

Every business has its own data management struggle. When you meet yours, have Melissa Data on your side. We create solutions to meet the needs of each and every individual business. Whether your data is global or domestic, we understand its many complexities. When technology creates problems for your business, choose our technological solutions for: global address, name, phone number, email, firmographics, and demographics.
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MD: WebClinic

Simplifying and Centralizing Universal Data Quality in SSIS – Dec 7

Simplifying and Centralizing Universal Data Quality in SSIS
There are many solutions and techniques for employing common forms of data cleansing, such as proper casing, abbreviations, search and replace patterns, and expressions. In SSIS however, it becomes tedious and complicated to achieve such routines as they typically involve the use of multiple components, and require some form of coding through script components. This is especially true when dealing with data types that require several cleansing rules that are specific for that domain and where data quality solutions are not readily available. In this webinar, we will see how Melissa Data simplifies and centralizes data quality, that can be applied to universally any type of data.
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Big Data Preparation and Cleansing

Big Data Preparation and Cleansing
Big Data is here to stay. With the exponential growth in the number of data sets, there is plenty of redundant information. How can you achieve data quality and better standardize contact data, while maintaining it? Melissa Data and Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) have the solutions you need to tackle these common data issues. OnDemand.

Expert Online Training in SSIS

Expert Online Training in SSIS
Access mentorship on your schedule; for full spectrum data quality in Microsoft® SQL Server® Integration Services (SSIS). Learn about your data’s needs from profiling, cleansing, and verification, to enrichment. See demonstrations of our expert techniques on matching and consolidating. Become a data quality guru now! OnDemand.

Promote Your Work—Share Your Knowledge

We’d love to share your data-quality knowledge with our 100,000+ subscriber list. The exposure is too good to pass up! It’s your opportunity to showcase the achievements you’ve made in the data quality world. As an MVP, your relevant articles or blog stories will be promoted in Melissa Data blogs and newsletters. Take advantage of this now! Please send to: We look forward to your submission!

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