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March 2017

Melissa Data MVP

Greetings to all MVPs!

Joseph Vertido, MVP Channel ManagerMelissa Data is officially now Melissa.

As we welcome our 32nd year in business, I am excited to announce an important change at Melissa Data. We’ve decided to drop the “Data” from our brand identity. We are simply Melissa now. This is part of a new branding effort to reflect Melissa’s growth, and more importantly, the changes in the data quality space. While authoritative data sources power our products and services, we want to continue developing new solutions that deliver data-driven results for better business intelligence.

This forward thinking change is reflected in our new logo with the design emphasis on the “i” for intelligence. You will see this focus on intelligence in our new ID verification services, our industry-specific solutions to help with Know Your Customer initiatives, risk management and compliance, and in our robust customer data management and data integrations platforms.

And, you’ll see it in our new website at Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about Melissa’s services and solutions. Immediately, you will notice streamlined menus, simple navigation and quick access to the information you need.

I want thank all of you MVPs for your continued business and support. Without all of you, Melissa would not be recognized as one of the predominant global data quality enterprises in the world. I look forward to working together on more opportunities and better solutions.

Best regards,

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Joseph Vertido
Product Development Manager | MVP Program Manager | T: 800-635-4772 x1827

Product Update

Personator Search

General Cleansing Component for Pentaho and SSIS

By Joseph Vertido, Product Development Manager

I’d like to make an early announcement about our latest upcoming and unreleased API called Personator Search. In summary, this powerful API, as implied in its name, lets you search for people and their contact information. But what sets this people search API apart from the rest of the solutions out there, is that you only need as little as just the name of a person to get a list of results.

How does it do that?

The Personator Search API leverages a combination of a multitude of premium data sources, including consumer data, credit data, demographic data, government data, telco data, and several others. Through these combined sources, we are able to compile a database of billions of records containing current and historical data for an individual’s addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Personator Search can provide:
  • An individual’s Current Address
  • An individual’s Previous Address
  • An individual’s Phone Numbers
  • An individual’s Email Addresses
  • Individuals living at an address
  • Individual/s tied to a phone number
  • Date of Birth and/or Date of Death
  • Name matches for a given area
  • Appended missing address line
  • Fuzzy Names/Nickname handling

Personator Search’s powerful API allows for flexible and smarter searches to our data. Given just a name, it will return all the matches within the US if the subset is unique enough. You can also do a name and Zip/City/State search in order to append the missing address line. By just entering an address, it returns all the residents for that address. When looking up a person, we can return all phone numbers, emails, and previous addresses associated with that person. And so on.

The power of the Personator Search API stems from its ability to accommodate any kind of search pattern and input, allowing it to solve almost any possible use case for skip tracing, appending missing contact information, and other types of searches that your organization needs to perform. And, with the tremendous amount of data compiled for Personator Search, we will almost always surely have a match.

If you’d like to demo a beta version of this Powerful API, let us know and we will give you access to the service. Contact Melissa for More Info.

Contact Zone

Global Express Entry for Dynamics CRM

By Tiara Rea-Palmer

If you're looking for that perfect all-in-one solution that combines the power of easy integration and Melissa's full spectrum of data quality solutions, then you need to get in the Zone - The Contact Zone.

Contact Zone employs all the customer data management tools you’ll need to help provide consistent, trusted, accurate data across the enterprise - all in one single platform for effortless integration. Plus, it's powered by Pentaho® Data Integration (PDI), which gives Contact Zone a simple, graphical user interface, dynamic templates, administrative features, and so much more. Collect data from any source, cleanse and transform it, and gain immediate insight for meaningful use.

Watch Video Now

Check out our Contact Zone Brochure or take it for a spin with a Free Trial

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