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At a Loss Without a ZIP Code®? MAILERS+4 Still Verifies

By Paul Nelson
Tech Support Manager, Melissa Data

Q - I do not have ZIP Codes in my database; can I still process my file in MAILERS+4?

A -Although you have a better chance of verifying an address in MAILERS+4 with a ZIP Code™, you can still process your list. If you have a valid Address, city, and state the software can append the ZIP Code and plus 4 to your database.

Q - When I run a presort using Mail.dat I get the error message: “Don’t reset tray number option must be checked.” How do I fix this?

A - Mail.dat requires that the container numbers are continuous between jobs. Go to the “System Options” screen under the “Tools” menu. Click on the “Program Options” tab. Under “Presort” check the radio button: “Don’t reset tray numbers between presort jobs.” Then re-run the presort.