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Announcing Global Caller ID for Global Phone V4

Melissa Data is proud to announce that we are releasing a new feature for Global Phone V4: CallerID capabilities, which allow you a peek into a caller’s identity. CallerID offers the unique capability of obtaining the names for both corporate entities alongside individuals. You can verify business contacts by matching the CallerID to their given phone number. It will be released as an extra option to the service, just like our premium HLR service.

Alongside our base phone verification, you may check any name associated with the phone number, allowing an extra degree of validation to ensure that the phone number you have matches your contact details.

Getting set up with CallerID is easy; by default, CallerID capabilities are turned off. Users can enable CallerID capabilities by adding the option CallerID:true in the option request. This will populate the CallerID field in the JSON response.

Additionally, our CallerID service is Global, supporting every country worldwide. Choose to obtain CallerID for U.S, Italy, China, Egypt, and more. Please note that the only country not currently supported is Israel.

Much like our premium HLR check, CallerID is an addon to our base subscription for Global Phone. Contact your Melissa Data Sales Representative for more information on subscribing to Global Phone.