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Personator Search: An Upcoming People-Search API

By Joseph Vertido
Product Development Manager

Are you looking to complete your contact records? Our upcoming Personator Search API provides the most extensive collection of multisourced data; housing hundreds of millions of records of consumer information both current and historical.

It allows for performing flexible and advanced data queries in real-time. Search for an individual, and find them, even with minimal data. Here are some powerful examples of queries you may perform using Personator Search:

  1. Look for all individuals living in a household
  2. Return all phone numbers and emails tied to a person
  3. List all previous residences for an individual
  4. Reverse Phone Searches
  5. Reverse Email Searches
  6. Search for matching names for a particular city, ZIP,® or even state
  7. Search for individuals by surname

Use the Personator Search API to locate any individual and find exactly who you’re looking for. The API is scheduled for release on the first quarter of 2017.