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Business Coder: New Column Output – Contacts

By Michael Johnson,
Data Quality Technician

Here at Melissa Data we strive to be nothing less than the best. In our constant battle for self-improvement, we are constantly at work on new features for all of our services. Business Coder is no exception. Today we are pleased to unveil a new feature: Contacts.

This new feature transforms Business Coder from offering solely business-centric data to offering the addition of employee-centric data. Now, like never before, we are able to show who works for any business. All we need is their address. For any business in the United States, we are able to find as many contacts as are available.

This is a huge step forward in the big data world, as now we are able to find data not only about the business itself—but the employees as well. You get more than just a list of current employees for a business, you get:

You will now have a list of employee names parsed to determine gender. On top of that, you’ll receive that particular employee’s title, when available. The big data potential behind this software is exponential. Receive the potential to craft messages—no longer just to a specific business, but to a specific individual. Gaining this persuasive efficacy, communicating directly with employees, will give you a huge edge over your competitors.

We give you—the user—control over how many employees you would like to see. In conjunction with the new Contacts column, we are releasing a new option: Max Contacts. This will allow the user to dictate the maximum number of potential contacts returned from the web service. With this option enabled, all the user must do is enter the number of contact records they would like to see. We will return as many contact records as we have, up to the user-specified number.

With the Contacts column, you can grow your knowledge of potential clients or partners. Knowing your business customers is an invaluable resource when it comes to gaining new clients, business partners, and of course, maintaining existing ones.