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Express Entry U.S.: Now with Five Types of Filtering!

By Edward Dombrowski,
Express Entry Channel Manager

We are proud to announce the addition of a much-anticipated feature: Filtering for Express Entry U.S. Filtering will allow you to restrict or prefer results based on a number of different criteria, eliminating those unnecessary entries in the pick list.

For example, say you only want addresses within the tri-state area—this is now possible. If you want addresses from within a specific city, this now possible. And, if you want to customize your search restrictions further, you can provide the service with latitude, longitude, and distance in miles. Then, only addresses within your chosen radius will appear.

Five types of filtering now available:

ZIP Code™: Restrict results to a certain ZIP Code or ZIP® codes, with preferred ZIP code(s) at the top of the list, or eliminate addresses not in the correct ZIP Code. Also, restrict results to a city by using the ZIP codes that make up that city’s area.

ZIP Centroid: Search by whitelisting addresses that are within x miles of a ZIP Code centroid.

State: Blacklist, for example Alaska and Hawaii, or make a preferred list of any number of states. Your desired results will rise to the top.

Latitude and Longitude: Filter addresses by coordinates and proximity in miles. For example, exclude addresses that are too far away from a chosen point.

RBDI: Blacklist or whitelist residential, business, and unknown addresses; as well as any combination of the three.

With these new filtering options, you may narrow the scope of your business initiatives and target the U.S. addresses that interest you most.