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Dynamics CRM: Data Verified
Pentaho® Cleanser: Flexibility Reinvented
MatchUp®: Matching Made Easy
Global Phone: Purge Bad Numbers
Retrieving & Leveraging: MAK
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  Featured Article

Dynamics CRM: Data Verified at the Click of a Button!

By Samuel Chung
QA Programmer

Melissa Data Plugins for Microsoft Dynamics CRMSee how easy it is to install, configure, and use our data quality plugins for Microsoft Dynamics®! Learn expert techniques in this quick walkthrough, so that tidying up data feels like a breeze…



Write Reviews, Reap Rewards!

We’re giving away $25 gift cards for Amazon or Starbucks! As a subscriber to Melissa Data Solutions, your opinion matters to us greatly. We appreciate your unbiased feedback about our products…



Pentaho® Cleanser: User Flexibility Reinvented!

By Sherin Mathew
Sales Engineer

New Pentaho Cleanser

When your data is a disaster, clean it up! We provide the flexibility you need to achieve your business goals for data quality. Put an end to chaos with our Generalized Cleanser...


MatchUp® —Record Matching Made Easy in Excel®

By Oscar Li
Product Channel Manager

MatchUp, Easy Record Matching in Excel

You asked for it, You got it. MatchUp is now available as a plug-in component in Microsoft® Excel. Like Listware®, the configuration is easy and you’re ready to go…


Your New & Improved Global Phone V4: Purge Bad Numbers with Live-Check!

By Oscar Li
Product Channel Manager

Global Phone V4 Update

Learn all about the very latest—our Home Register Technology. Use Live-Check to verify the status of a mobile number in real time…

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  Tips & Tricks

Retrieving and Leveraging Melissa Address Keys

By Joseph Vertido
Data Quality Analyst

Using Global Express Entry to Look up Postal Code ValidityThe MAK® is a unique 10-digit number, much like a barcode or ISBN, that we have assigned to every single valid address in the U.S. Since a MAK is a unique identifier for an address, it can be used in a number of ways…


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PASS SUMMIT 2016 - The conference for technical data professionals who utilize the Microsoft Data Platform. October 25 -28, Find Melissa Data at Booth #609.

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