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What Kills the Customer Experience?

In the lifecycle of the online purchase, there are two customer “pain points” – checkout and delivery. These pain points either make or break the purchase experience. So what do customers want? Learn the facts and stats on how to drive conversions and loyalty instead of killing the customer experience.


Clean Thought of the Month

Did you know that 69% of consumers are less likely to shop with a retailer in the future if an item they purchased is not delivered within two days of the date promised? A recent study of online consumers revealed that reliable and accurate product delivery determined customer loyalty.

What's New At Melissa?

MetaBank Credits Melissa for its Ability to Verify Customer Identity, Increased Return Hits, Better User Experience, and Improved Data Quality

With 30 million individual customer records flowing into its database daily, MetaBank’s customer identity and data quality challenges were pressing! Inaccurate data was causing a drain on finances and customer service; and, fraudsters were tough to catch. MetaBank shares its experience with Melissa’s Data Quality Suite in the video below.

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Melissa Brings Comprehensive Global Intelligence to Federal ID Forum

Melissa recently demonstrated its cutting-edge, real-time tools to professionals across 30 countries and 100 government organizations at the Federal ID Forum, which hosted keynote speaker Claire Grady, second-in-command for Department of Homeland Security. Melissa’s solutions achieve entity resolution and compliance in areas of Anti Money Laundering, Fraud Prevention, Politically Exposed Persons, and with Bank Secrecy Act regulations.

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New & Improved Products

Listware – Clean and Enriched Data

New Feature – Caller ID. Listware can authenticate ownership of mobile numbers and ensure phone numbers are live and callable.

New Feature – U.S. Property. Listware now provides access to property and mortgage data including parcel details, owner name and mailing address, property value, and more.

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Personator World – Identity Resolution and Verification

New Feature – WatchList and Politically Exposed Person Screening. Use Personator World to check an individual against OFAC and other federal and international databases containing economic and trade sanctions against certain nations, entities, businesses, and individuals.

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