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Exclusive Report: What Kills the Customer Experience?

Did you know that 84% of e-tailers say customers abandon the checkout cart before payment? Get exclusive insights to help drive conversions and loyalty during the online purchasing process. Our new Melissa Magazine offers expert tips and tricks to creating amazing customer experiences.

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Great Business Meetings, Greater Business Results! Transform boring time-wasters into dynamic productivity engines.

By Christopher Hosford

In this book Christopher Hosford brings years of experience of great and ghastly business meetings - and focuses precisely on what is necessary to turn them into those successful, dynamic drivers of business. His insights, tips and advice are all proven to make your meetings far more productive.

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3 Ways to Get Your Integrated Marketing Efforts in Gear

Do you feel your marketing efforts need to be more unified? Try integrated marketing – a holistic approach to ensuring your audience receives a consistent message both online and offline. But to be effective, you need the data to reach them the way they want to be contacted. Here’s 3 easy steps to get your integrated marketing in gear.

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Clean Thought of the Month

Identity fraud increased to 16% - a record high since consulting firm Javelin Strategy & Research began tracking ID fraud in 2003. The study notes that fraudsters netted two million more victims this year, with the total fraud amount rising to nearly $16 billion. Wow.

What's New At Melissa?

Melissa Achieves HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

Data security is critical to any business. Customer contact data, payment/financial information, bank account details – all of this can be potentially damaging if used for malicious purposes. That’s why Melissa is proud to be one of the very few data quality providers in the industry to be both HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

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Order Detailed Info on 190+Million Addresses Online with MAT

MAT (Master Address Table) contains accurate and detailed information on 190+million U.S. and Canadian Addresses. In addition to verified address elements, MAT provides geographic information like lat/long coordinates, census tract/block number, county name and FIPS, which are ideal for analytics, risk assessment, mapping and data visualization, and logistics applications. Order online by county or by state/province (Canada). This data includes: address, city, state, ZIP+4, county, property type, census key, and rooftop lat/long information.

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Build vs. Buy a Data Quality Solution: Which is Best for You?

Data Quality is essential for success. The key to success is knowing when you should build custom data quality tools over canned solutions.

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All the Tools You Need for Sparkling Clean Data

Discover solutions for contact data verification, ID verification, data enrichment, deduplication, and more!

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MDM & Data Governance Summit

Melissa Global Intelligence will be attending the MDM & Data Governance Summit Sydney from July 27-29. If you’re attending as well, please stop by and say hello – we’d love to show you all our newest solutions.
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