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Clean Connections
Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance Boosted by Tech Innovations

KYC initiatives are especially important in today’s increasingly cashless society, both for financial institutions and ecommerce businesses to ensure their systems are not vulnerable to fraud. KYC doesn’t just complement marketing efforts – it also helps differentiate between legitimate customers and fraudsters. Find out how KYC can help stop bad transactions before they infiltrate your systems.

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Customer Trust, Clean Data, and Risk Management: a MetaBank Case Study

The recognized industry leader in community banking, MetaBank®, utilizes Melissa's Data Quality Suite to garner a complete 360 degree view of their customers. With over 30 million individual lines to clean every day, Melissa helps trace customers by geocodes for fraud prevention, tracks address and email changes to keep up-to-date with customers, and standardizes people data.

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What's New At Melissa?

Personator® World:

Full identity verification and data quality tools for over 240 countries worldwide.

MatchUp® Web:

All the benefits of matching and deduping, now available as a Cloud service.

Talend® Integration:

Melissa’s newest integration tool offers built-in solutions for Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, including Personator and Global Address Verification.


Upcoming Events

Melissa Global Intelligence will be attending the CoReach conference in Germany from June 21-22, 2017, and the Nasscom Big Data Summit in India from June 23-24, 2017. If you’re attending as well, please stop by and say hello – we’d love to show you all our newest products and services.

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Clean Thought of the Month

$3.5 trillion in revenue is lost to financial crimes – every year! Our Global ID Verification tools help you to better know your customer and decrease fraud.

Data is the New Oil, but Only If It’s Clean

Some say data is the new oil, not just fueling how organizations work, but lubricating the wheels of commerce and communication – it’s a valuable commodity. Read our new article in The Times UK, written by Barley Laing, sales director for Melissa’s UK office.

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How to Know Customers Are Who They Say They Are

In 2015 alone, 62% of companies were targets of payment fraud. As customers increasingly conduct their financial affairs online and via mobile devices, risk management and fraud prevention become more and more difficult. So, how do you know customers are who they say they are?

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Need the Name of the Property Owner? Find It In Seconds!

The TopConnector app is the easiest way to find the owner of virtually any property in the U.S. – just touch a house or a building on the map. It's as easy as that!

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