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Clean Connections April 2017
How Melissa Helps Online Retailers Close More Sales: a HUF Case Study

For businesses that rely on e-commerce sales, Amazon has set the bar very high. Now, every customer expects a quick and easy checkout experience – with address autocompletion, real-time verification, and predictive shipping costs and times. So how do you encourage customers to buy without hesitation?

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MAILERS Online: On Demand & In the Cloud Presorting

Say hello to a no-contract, end-to-end mailing solution that’s in the cloud and easy to use – that’s MAILERS Online!

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Clean Thought of the Month

Did you know that 52% of companies say that dirty data contributes to a decrease in customer loyalty and a bad customer experience? Know your data is clean and concise every day with Personator®.

MatchUp Cloud Service

Did you know that most databases contain 8-10% duplicates? The solution? MatchUp®, now available as a Cloud web service.

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Powerful, Flexible People Search with Personator® Search

Get accurate, validated contact data quickly – using just a name for input – with Personator Search.

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Global GeoPostcode Data

Need a common dataset structure for all countries, including localities, postal codes, administrative divisions, and more? Check out Global GeoPostcode for geo-referenced data that you can integrate in a flash.

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How to Do It All with Melissa

With Melissa, you can do it all – see for yourself with the brand new Solutions Catalog.

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Melissa Presort Solutions Achieve USPS PAVE Gold Certification – Again

Melissa presorting solutions have been PAVE™ Certified for over 22 years, and we are committed to achieving this honor every year. Discover how PAVE Gold Certification means lower postal rates and more efficient mailing, and how our solutions qualified for this prestigious honor.

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Research Any Neighborhood without Going There with TopConnector

Wherever you might be, the entire TopConnector property database will be always with you – right in your hand.

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