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Clean Connections February 2017
Get in the Contact Zone for Easy Data Quality Management

Did you know that 91% of businesses suffer from common data errors? Contact Zone is a unique customer data management platform. Leverage the power of Pentaho® Data Integration (PDI) and Melissa Data Quality to empower your organizations to collect data from any source. Coming Soon!

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Powerful New Capabilities for Global Phone Verification

Services include Premium Phone and Caller ID, to protect against fraud, spam, and eliminate fruitless SMS and telemarketing efforts. Premium Phone provides “live checking” of a mobile line – identifying it as live, active, and callable. Caller ID taps in to real-time carrier data to return the name associated with the number.

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Clean Thought of the Month

Did you know that you can identify your system’s data quality issues at the start before data-driven initiatives are executed? Detecting and fixing data problems before the data is merged into a warehouse saves you time, frustration, and money.

Build vs. Buy Data Quality – Insight for a Data Steward

Should you build your own data quality solution, or buy one from a third party? Attend our webinar to learn what to look for in a data quality vendor, and that not all of them are alike regarding features or price.


Learn How Easy it is to Achieve Accurate, Targeted, Actionable People Data

Join our webinar on February 23rd with Data Quality expert Tony Deacon as he walks you step-by-step through Listware for Excel®. Gain the know-how to efficiently and effectively clean and update your contact records to improve your data.

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Don’t Get Faked Out by Bad Data!

Everyone is talking about fake news--there are entire websites dedicated to debunking it. But did you know that you could be dealing with something just as bad? FAKE DATA. Fake data is reaching an epidemic.

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