Address the Elephant in the Room

Bad address data costs you money, customers & insight

Melissa’s 30+ years of domain experience in address management, patented fuzzy matching and multi-sourced reference datasets power our Data Quality Solutions for SSIS. Our tools for SSIS help you keep your customer contact data clean, correct and current – so you get trusted information that improves customer communication, fulfillment, fraud prevention, predictive analytics, and the bottom line.

See the Elephant in your business – our Data Quality Solutions for SSIS can help!

  • Global Address Completion & Verification
  • Digital Identity Verification
  • Email & Phone Verification
  • Location Intelligence
  • Single Customer View

Try our no-cost version! Our FREE Community Edition includes Address & Name Parsing, Email Correction and Phone Formatting – plus profile and match 50,000 records with 9 built-in matchcodes!

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