Melissa's data quality and enrichment tools make it easy to produce the quality leads your sales team will love. It's a one-two punch that delivers increased conversion and better qualified leads.

1. Start by integrating Melissa Address Autocomplete into your web forms and shopping cart. Add a simple bit of javascript and your forms will suggest a verified, complete address as users type. Save 50% in data entry time while customers spend more time buying and less time filling out forms.

2. Next, pass along enriched, sales-ready leads to your team to improve lead scoring and closing rates:

  • For B2C leads, add missing email, phone number and a wealth of demographic details like income level, gender, presence of children, renter/homeowner and many more.
  • For B2B leads, add firmographic data like sales volume, company size, location, stock ticker and more.

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We found that Global Express Entry was the best and least expensive solution for accurate address completion. Andrew Miller @ WCA Waste Corporation

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