Did you know between 20%-40% of all retail sales happen during the last two months of the year? Our 7-step plan will get your business holiday-ready, and our free 2023 Holiday Retail Calendar will keep you prepared all year long!

  • 1. Update your postal address and email lists
    Each year, about 13% of the U.S. population moves. If your address lists aren’t up to date, you’re wasting time and money. NCOALink National Change of Address Service and Email Change of Address (ECOA) Service will help you improve response rates, reduce costs associated with undeliverable mail, and avoid blacklisting.
  • 2. Get to know your customers
    Marketing to the wrong audience leads to wasted time and resources. Customer profiling defines who your best customers are, so you can target more just like them. Our Customer Look-Alike Report gives you a demographic portrait of your customers for more effective marketing campaigns.
  • 3. Reach more customers just like your best ones
    Once you’ve determined who your best customers are, you can purchase targeted lists to reach more just like them. Melissa’s Mailing Lists & Sales Leads include hundreds of specialty lists to help you connect with the perfect audience.
  • 4. Enhance the customer experience with tools that make mobile ordering easy
    Tools like Global Express Entry simplify mobile and online ordering - basically, your customers’ addresses type themselves! It can’t get any easier than that, plus it means customers will spend less time filling out forms and more time buying - reducing the chance of abandoned shopping carts.
  • 5. Optimize shipping & fulfillment
    Keeping addresses accurate and current with Address Verification is one of the ways you can ensure customers receive their deliveries on time, every time. Address accuracy lowers costs associated with late/missed deliveries and reduces address correction fees (as much as $20 per parcel) charged by carriers like FedEx and UPS.
  • 6. Omni-channel market it!
    Our Data Enhancement Services help marketers expand their reach - supercharging their postal lists with fresh email or mobile numbers, or enriching their newsletter lists with postal addresses to market holistically.
  • 7. Two is not always better than one
    You’ve finalized your holiday campaign and created the perfect mailing piece - but are your lists clean and current? In addition to verifying addresses, you’ll want to remove duplicates from your lists, as well as identify multiple records at the same address (known as householding). No matter how much your customers may want to hear from you, they likely don’t want to hear the same message more than once.

Download our 2023 Holiday Retail Calendar and get ready for holiday success!

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