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MAK Addresses in ZIP+4 Code 20007-1025
4616 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC
4626 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC
4636 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC
4640 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC
4650 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC
4656 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC
4664 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC
4668 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC
4674 Garfield St NWWashingtonDC

Postal Data for ZIP+4 Code 20007-1025
Washington, District of Columbia

County: District Of Columbia
Address Suite Company Type ZIP+4
4600 to 4698 (Even only) Garfield ST NW   S 1025

Property Records for ZIP+4 Code 20007-1025
Owner's Name (Last, First) AddressMore
Bauguess Scott 4616 Garfield St NW Info
Greer Stephen H 4626 Garfield St NW Info
Johnsen R C 4636 Garfield St NW Info
Rotsaert Didier J 4640 Garfield St NW Info
Addison Christopher C 4650 Garfield St NW Info
Murphy Robert 4656 Garfield St NW Info
Chew Virginia G Trust 4664 Garfield St NW Info
Sant Christine D 4668 Garfield St NW Info
Symington John S 4674 Garfield St NW Info

Consumer Records for ZIP+4 Code 20007-1025
NameAddress (Click for details)Phone
scott  bauguess 4616 Garfield St NW  
stephen  greer 4626 Garfield St NW 202-986-0963
rolf  johnsen 4636 Garfield St NW 202-966-5765
pauline  idogho 4640 Garfield St NW  
didier  rotsaert 4640 Garfield St NW  
pier  haffenreffer 4640 Garfield St NW  
sylvia  addison 4650 Garfield St NW 202-625-2762
robert  murphy 4656 Garfield St NW 202-363-4656
virginia  chew 4664 Garfield St NW 202-363-7898
christine  sant 4668 Garfield St NW 202-965-3250
richard  wells 4668 Garfield St NW  
john  symington 4674 Garfield St NW 202-244-5707

No Business Listing for ZIP+4 Code 20007-1025

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