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119 Nonprofit organizations in Saint Louis, MO 63101
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Abundcofgrace Ministries03  
American Association Of Bioanalysts06$1,802,826$5,050,667
American Board Of Bioanalysis06$421,865$335,770
American Civil Liberties Union Of Missouri04$113,483$130,242
American Inn Of Court Foundation03  
American Institute Of Architects Scholarship Fund03$3,570,065$3,158,430
American Institute Of Architects St Louis Chapter06$585,407$361,007
Amnesty International Usa Inc03  
Art St Louis03$155,846$246,188
Arthur W Trulaske Foundation03$832,516$876,802
Association Of The Open Mind And Spirit Inc03$1,097,621$253,033
Bar Association Of Metropolitan St Louis06$2,179,395$1,760,140
Citizens For Modern Transit03$2,592,957$845,695
Cme Foundation03  
Communication Workers Of America05$144,645$387,376
Communication Workers Of America05$2,985,085$523,289
Community Value Alliance Inc03  
Community Wellness Project03$24,281$341,607
Confluence Academy03$47,881,949$45,277,836
Covam Community Development Corporation03$1,311,109$21,200
Deer Creek Foundation03$45,752,552$1,038,283
Downtown St Louis Foundation Inc03$1,063,590$860,390
East African Aids Foundation03  
Embrace Womens Foundation03  
Entrepreneur Startup Business Development Corporation03$6,255,776$2,925,753
Families At Ease 1 Inc03$1,862$4,150
Families At Ease Inc03  
Focus St Louis03$2,042,197$1,838,869
Friends Of Concordia Turners03  
Friends Of Confluence Academy03$13,903,358$395,205
Friends Of Flance Center03$6,796,926$98,463
Friends Of T-Rex03$3,364,651$38,025
Full Circle Hq03  
Fund St Louis Inc03  
Gamma Epsilon Alumni Association03  
Gateway Eitc Community Coalition03$20,128$158,271
Gateway Foundation Tr03$81,946,973$928,504
Gateway Metro Credit Union01  
Gateway To The West Sertoma Club03$1,511,138$609,440
Globalhack Inc03$137,981$1,235,947
Health Literacy Missouri03$1,601,537$1,379,900
Healthy Youth Partnership Inc03$1 
Herbert Eastman Clinical Fund03$46,726$61,858
Higher Education Consultants Association06$928,957$764,585
Jerome And Rosemary Flance Early Childhood Education Center03$9,135,990$451,521
Jerry Mcdowell Memorial Scholarship Foundation03$66,102$56,082
Joseph & Florence Roblee Foundation 24657-00-903$14,531,344$6,674,764
Laclede Gas Company Benefit Plan Trust Veba For Certain Non-union E09  
Laclede Gas Company Benefit Plan Trust Veba For Contract Union Empl09$76,496,855$50,882,178
Lacledes Landing Foundation03$302,562$16,008
Ladue Jr Rams Football Club03  
Landmarks Association Of St Louis Inc03$654,255$219,280
Law Library Association Of St Louis03$564,843$570,923
Lawyers For Equality03  
Michael Calvin Memorial Golf Tournament Foundation03  
Mission Homes Housing Our Many Extraordinary Soldiers Inc03  
Missouri Appleseed03  
Missouri Chapter Of The National Society Of Prof Ins Investigators06$23,182$5,660
Missouri Property Insurance Placement Facility06$1,251,726$1,912,831
Missouri Public Transit Association06$182,447$232,754
National Blues Museum03$289,253$1,162,252
National Blues Museum Foundation03$6,617,991$79,132
Network Black Integrated Communications Professionals03  
Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund03$58,748,800$58,639,980
Paul M Shatz And Deane Lee Shatz Charitable Foundation03$672,361$528,990
Pfs Communities Inc03  
Phoenix Hope Vi Developmentcorporation03$4,083,291 
Private Education-employers Trust09$344,516$8,800,763
Project Xoxo Inc03  
Queens Of The Nile Inc03  
Rosati Center03$320,558$53,412
Rosati House Apartments03$1,465,643 
Rotary International04$196,153$132,218
Sandberg Phoenix & Von Gontard Charitable Foundation Inc03$23,216$32,071
Small Business Empowerment Center03$319,732$335,664
Small Business Week Of Eastern Missouri Inc06  
Society For Marketing Professional Services06$49,269$69,517
Southern Union Veba09$25,702,119$9,040,502
St Clairs Hearts Foundation Inc03  
St Loius Civic Pride Foundation03$67,784$31,112
St Lou Fringe03$28,115$176,740
St Louis Bar Foundation03$624,995$144,461
St Louis Confluence03$4,365$106,995
St Louis Explorers Club Chapter03  
St Louis Foundation For Architecture03  
St Louis General Hospital03  
St Louis Health Lawyers Association03  
St Louis Makes03  
St Louis Product Management Group03  
St Louis Public Schools Foundation03$5,660,635$4,622,837
St Louis Urban Debate League03$7,932$76,780
St Patrick Partnership Center03$14,007,271$688,948
Suburban Journals Old Newsboys Fund For Children03$188,147$455,552
Taylor Yard Master Association04$5,726,722$104,772
Technology Entrepreneur Center Inc03$11,912,769$5,756,232
The Biz Spot Community03  
The Downtown St Louis Community Improvement District Inc03$2,771,491$3,318,089
The Judicial Learning Center03$106,379$7,500
The Laclede Group Foundation03$6,638,157$2,469,999
The Victim Witness Assistance Corp03$210,041$47,466
The@lesley A Waldheim Charitable Foundation03$25,582,062$5,827,919
Toastmasters International03  
Toastmasters International03  
Trailnet Inc03$813,530$1,216,734
United Way Of Greater St Louis Inc03$97,804,654$83,665,678
Urban Strategies Inc03$8,425,664$11,783,515
Veterans Advocacy Foundation Inc03$75,310$397,961
Water Jet Technology Association06$951,521$838,611
Wdh Foundation-c3 Tr03$1,650,908$822,438
Wdh Foundation-C404  
Weasel Fund03$1,182,751$61,995
Women Of Achievement03$209,024$150,330
World Affairs Council Of St Louis03$8,958$299,270
Yield Lab Institute03  
Total $617,927,000$335,258,900

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