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72 Nonprofit organizations in Jackson, MS 39201
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Abundant Spirit Ministries Inc03  
American Civil Liberties Union Of Mississippi Foundation Inc03$1,134,872$1,090,070
Believers Tr Fbo Capitol City Concert Band Society03$204,603$78,879
Bishop Houck New Hope Village03  
C2m Inc03$6,367$118,663
Capital City Petroleum Club07$146,890$725,609
Center For Mississippi Health Policy Inc03$2,880,463$2,625,311
Cmia Catholic Men In Action02  
Community Foundation For Mississippi03$55,999,429$22,968,847
Cure Sickle Cell Foundation Corporation03  
Deliver Me Senior Support Services03$96,886$247,091
Downtown Jackson Partners04$531,184$1,021,072
Downtown Jackson Plaza03$309,552$95,000
Eagle Express Federal Credit Union01  
Episcopal Church Diocese Of Miss03  
Episcopal Housing Development Corporation Of Grenada All Saints03$453,212$433,104
Forward-mississippi Inc Fka Welcome To Mississippi Inc03  
Foundation For Mississippis Downtown Inc03  
Foundation For The Mid South Inc03$16,298,746$919,852
Gallery Guild Inc03  
Georgetown Neighborhood Homes Inc03  
Harmony Life Baptist Church03  
Hundred Club Of Jackson03$578,740$72,198
Im Free Incorporated03  
Innovate Mississippi03$473,541$2,711,264
International Museum Of Muslim Culture03$422,577$442,865
Jackson Chamber Foundation03$34,249 
John T Savage Council No 848 Knights Of Columbus08  
Keep Mississippi Beautiful Inc03  
Knights If Columbus08  
Metro Jackson Chamber Of Commerce06$999,740$1,655,729
Miss Chapter American Institute Of Architects06$17,653$168,205
Mississippi Ambulatory Surgery Association Inc06  
Mississippi Arts Commission03  
Mississippi Association Of School Superintendents06$1,027,530$813,257
Mississippi Center For Nonprofits Inc03$216,321$303,701
Mississippi Chapter Of The Federal Bar Association06  
Mississippi Charter Schools Association03  
Mississippi Municipal Association04$3,033,489$3,130,948
Mississippi Municipal Foundation03  
Mississippi Museum Of Art Foundation03$5,776,725$124,113
Mississippi Museum Of Art Inc03$4,078,657$4,749,336
Mississippi Orthopedic Society06$97,811$66,239
Mississippi Symphony Foundation Of Jackson03$2,823,949$246,343
Mississippi Symphony Orchestra Association03$354,362$1,741,213
Mississippi World Trade Center Institute03  
Mslight Collaborative03  
National Association Of Women In Construction06  
North American Agricultural Marketing Officials06$154,461$47,716
Parents Campaign Research And Education Fund03$78,799$244,544
Parents For Public Schools Inc03$813,253$334,688
Parents Of Public Schools Inc03$626,018$777,738
Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity07$1,115$315,868
Phi Kappa Tau House Corp At Ole Miss07  
Pi Mu Epsilon Inc03  
Rap Inc03  
Revitalize Mississippi03$115,970$572,838
Rotary International04$12,249$141,490
Skills Foundation Of Mississippi03  
Southeastern Association Of Regulatory Utility Commissioners06$68,187$195,189
State Chartered Credit Unions In Mississippi14$23,088,642$1,288,699
Structural Engineers Assoc Of Mississippi Inc06  
Teen Health Mississippi03  
The Parents Campaign04$137,051$324,335
The Pruet Foundation03$6,822,878$3,887,931
Toastmasters International03  
Twordc Foundation03$956,768$28,038
U S Green Building Council -mississippi Chapter03  
Vsa Mississippi Inc03$17,018$64,430
Women Inc03  
Womens Foundation Of Mississippi03$1,984,091$1,548,123
Total $132,874,000$56,320,530

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