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418 Nonprofit organizations in Boston, MA 02108
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1647 Inc03$100,986$415,761
786 Foundation 49-m020-01-9 Ua Dtd 03109703$3,951,894$2,712,134
Advent School Corporation03$12,965,700$6,371,947
Alces Foundation03$935,453$142,210
Alice E Cronin Charitable Tr03$862,003$33,318
Alive In Christ Inc03  
Alliance Afscme-Seiu05  
Alliance For Business Leadership Inc03$76,306$439,719
Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity07  
American Affairs Foundation Inc03$55,584$21,850
American Affairs Journal Inc03  
American Congregational Association03$6,199,980$1,891,793
American Council Of Engineering Companies Of Massachusetts06$305,280$773,587
American Council Of Engineeringcompanies Of Ma Education Corporati03$56,737$46,332
American Federation Of Labor & Congress Of Industrial Orgs05$243,603$425,894
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05$11,987,102$9,489,881
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05$434,809$157,794
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05$169,446$82,983
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employees05  
American Federation Of State County & Municipal Employess05  
American Inns Of Court Foundation03  
American Meteorological Society03$22,389,393$22,703,827
American Planning Association03$108,775$184,157
American Roundtable To Abolish Homelessness Inc03$163,366$219,079
American Society Of Civil Engineers03$1,892,684$754,487
Andy And Mariann Youniss Foundation03$3,227,895$210,185
Apollo Club Of Boston03  
Archaeological Institute Of America03$13,532,961$6,877,713
Architectural Heritage Foundation Inc03$23,750,930$25,491,129
Art Resource Collaborative For Kids Arck Incorporated03$77,343$184,439
Asian-american Lawyers Association Of Massachusetts Inc06$163,202$64,322
Associated Industries Of Massachusetts06$9,850,364$6,533,563
Associated Indutries Of Massachusetts03$1,322$1,000
Associated Subcontractors Of Massachusetts06$774,420$894,775
Association Of College & University Mail Services06  
Association Of Independent Colleges & Univ In Massachusetts Inc06$558,012$1,401,616
Bagly Inc03$465,284$1,217,703
Bay Circuit Alliance03$12,813$3,230
Bay State Hydropower Association06$50,578$62,209
Beacon Communities Charitable Fund Inc03$133,935$526,699
Beacon Hill Friends House Inc03$1,282,796$327,681
Beacon Hill Seminars Inc03$109,698$100,742
Beech Tree Tr03$1,293,478$336,429
Beer Distributors Of Massachusetts Inc06$499,682$831,742
Ben & Zelma Dorson Family Charitable Foundation03$532,042$104,782
Ben E Factors Foundation03$876,567$561,928
Beta Alpha Psi National Council03  
Better Oral Health For Massachusetts Coalition Inc03$48,646$42,894
Beyond Conflict03$706,961$1,082,382
Bny Mellon Charitable Gift Fund03$103,359,828$128,678,493
Bobby And Peggy Oconnor Foundation03$10,001$20,829
Boston Asset Management Association Incorporated06$63,069$430,000
Boston Bar Association06$5,016,853$4,273,482
Boston Bar Foundation Inc03$10,079,771$2,608,876
Boston By Foot Inc03$361,656$450,739
Boston Captial Foundation03$2,424$116,255
Boston Christian Counseling Center Inc03$108,989$84,950
Boston Latin School Association03$56,763,074$11,659,828
Boston Library Society03$979,887$1,028,431
Boston Municipal Research Bureau Inc03$1,523,913$852,844
Boston Society Of The New Jerusalem Inc03  
Boston Society Wesley N Gray Tr03$514,345$5,039
Boston Tenant Coalition Inc03$60,640$189,385
Boston View Corporation02$4,375,670$4,001,673
Build The Out Of School Time Network03$910,549$380,280
Cambodia-pride Inc03$5,962$22,680
Campus Organizing Support Services Inc04$689,861$436,354
Capital Link Inc03$1,668,715$3,314,567
Carola C Berthelot Charitable Trust03$1,101,305$609,771
Center For Community Recovery Innovations Inc03$1,752,909$718,861
Center For Gospel Culture03$15,392$167,301
Center For Public Interest Research Inc03$3,332,812$2,681,569
Center For Women & Enterprises Inc03$1,392,142$2,915,214
Chappaquiddick Community Fund Inc03  
Charlgra Foundation Ltd03$1,636$2,500
Charter School Financing Partnership Llc03$16,061,610$438,482
Childrens Investment Fund Inc03$3,825,258$393,600
Childrens League Education Fund Inc03$38,967 
Childrens League Of Massachusetts Inc04$186,988$362,379
Childrens Trust Inc03$1,925,241$1,031,651
Christopher A Iannella Foundation Inc03$1$40
Citizens For Juvenile Justice Inc03$1,506,983$653,368
Citizens For Public School Inc03$49,991$74,685
Citizens For Voter Choice Inc03$35,732$59,689
Citizens Housing & Planning Association Inc03$3,987,614$4,578,910
City Of Boston Credit Union14$384,042,337$19,265,142
Citylife Presbyterian Church Of Boston03  
Civera Institute03  
Clara B Winthrop Trust Article Six Of The Deed Dated 12-16-6103$1,918,959$683,095
Cnu New England Inc03$3,104$49,571
Coalition Of Massachusetts Regional Non Profit Housing Agencies Inc04  
Cold Brook Fund Tr03$487,750$198,784
College Perspectives Mentor Program Inc03$24,544$40,001
Common Wealth Clinical Alliance Inc03$1,868,049$33,260,202
Commonwealth Care Alliance Inc03$275,336,690$1,030,095,777
Commonwealth Child Care Corporation03$407,504$994,588
Community Change Inc03$109,104$280,860
Community Development Corporation Of Boston Inc03$5,973,643$280,196
Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation03  
Community Health Center Capital Fund Inc03$11,459,122$1,178,424
Community Labor United Incorporated03$840,538$878,912
Community Racing Inc03  
Community Training And Assistance Center Inc03$3,228,330$5,164,409
Community Works Inc03$72,925$196,633
Conference Of Boston Teaching Hospitals Inc06$94,098$487,385
Copley Square Charitable Tr03$2,160,200$438,900
Corporation For Advancement Of Medical Technologies03$242,350$634,832
Crowell Family Foundation Tr03$731,620$126,095
Crown Prince Frederik Fund Inc03$168,203$15,639
Dedham Institution For Savings Foundationa03$2,778,875$1,511,236
Dennis P Rando Cadet Humanitarian Fund03$101,260$48
Dewing Greek Numismatic Foundation03$583,591$18,638
Disability Law Center Inc03$1,673,812$2,778,121
Dr David L Kasdon Fund03$36,751$206
Durant Homestead Foundation Inc03$233$3
Eating Disorders Campaign Inc03$40,451$109,654
Economic Mobility Pathways Inc03$10,054,178$11,225,160
Eddie Mandell Scholarship Fund Inc03$14,120$14,272
Edith Crocker Charitable Tr03$553,004$137,914
Elisabeth M Todaro Fund03$95,478$5,950
Elisha V Ashton Trust Uw92$1,315,902$802,975
Elizabeth R And Rudolph R Russofoundation03$142,172$112,371
Encuentro 503  
Engineering Center Education Trust03$2,315,955$1,255,440
Engineers Week-new England Inc03$233$38,093
Enviromental League Of Massachusetts04$157,561$298,083
Environmental League Of Massachusetts Inc03$1,098,122$1,032,684
Environmental Massachusetts Research And Policy Center03$510,794$127,070
Eric And Edith Siday Charitable Foundation03$549,145$95,728
Fair Share Inc04$5,287,163$3,946,158
Fair Shot For All Inc03$96,340$328,908
Fannie B Pratt Trust Uw Clause 3192$240,430$155,504
Fiscal Alliance Foundation Inc03$88,721$239,900
Fiscal Partners Inc06$63,832$825,931
Foundation For Fair Contracting For Massachusetts Tr Fund05$297,939$520,136
Foundation For Jewish Publications Inc03$29,854$67,352
Foundation For Lifespan Research Inc03  
Four Paws International Inc03$278,460$1,673,241
Frances R Dewing Foundation Med-2604103$2,272,440$1,846,323
Frank Huntington Beebe Fund For Musicians03$1,132,488$275,687
Franklin N Flaschner Judicial Institute Inc03$3,290,544$1,104,865
Freedom For All Massachusetts Inc04$105,427$337,200
Freedom Trail Foundation Inc03$2,460,708$1,611,396
Friends Of Astrup Fearnley Museet Inc03  
Friends Of National Guard Families03$69,648$471,049
Friends Of The Public Garden Inc03$23,705,045$8,199,830
Fund For The Community Training And Assistance Center Incorporated03$1,184,867$53,606
Fund For The Public Interest Inc04$32,979,281$33,806,852
G Gorham Peters Trust Uw03$10,831,694$2,556,951
Gateway Fund03$1,027,535$186,239
Georgiana Emery Trust Uw 10-4874-00-391  
Georgiana Goddard Eaton Memorial Fund03$7,659,690$1,113,345
Glbtq Legal Advocates & Defenders Inc03$3,990,991$5,096,759
Global Deeds Foundation Inc03  
Gloria C Crotty Charitable Foundation03$1,748,551$608,322
Gordon Philanthropies Inc03$1 
Greater Boston Real Estate Board06$8,227,478$6,485,419
Greater Boston Real Estate Board Foundation03$401,741$483,278
Greece Debt Free Inc03  
Harry W And Jo-ann D Wallace Foundation03$2,058,189$57
Harvard Musical Association03$4,798,135$823,214
Health Leads Inc03$29,996,511$18,763,060
Healthcare-now Education Fund Inc03$37,624$49,326
Hill House Incorporated03$4,596,617$1,743,882
Hodges Charitable Foundation 3720803$645,414$35,727
Hodgkins International Inc03$3,572$3,572
Homes For Families Inc03$246,831$295,407
Hope Prison Ministry Inc03$55,855$93,924
Horizons Collaborative Inc03$1,160,689$432,532
Horne Family Charitable Foundation Inc03$8,022,990$1,722,620
Housing Advisory Group Inc06$118,753$237,000
Housing Partnership Ventures Inc03$2,354,410$770,885
Howard Benevolent Society03$3,966,979$6,710,813
Howell Family Foundation Under Declaration Of Tr 0617199803$1,130,893$288,661
Hurdle Hill Foundation03$361,408$147,487
International Association Of Fire Fighters05$1,127,188$1,829,968
International Forum Of Meteorological Societies Inc03  
International Institute For Justice And Development Inc03  
International Knife And Fork Club Siskiyou03  
International Ocd Foundation Inc03$1,343,869$2,155,111
International Society For Ecological Economics03$101,451$96,001
James & Mary Mcnamara Foundation03$96,789$128,361
Jane Doe Inc A Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assualt03$622,626$1,508,323
Jewish Advocate Religious News Corp03$72,590$753,711
Jewish Alliance For Law And Social Action Inc03$212,828$530,587
John And Susan Spooner Charitable Tr03$61,034$90,858
John C & Eunice B Morrison Charitable Foundation03$9,939,603$3,628,706
John H Robbins Tr 10-10-1742-00-591  
Judith And Douglas Krupp Family Charitable Foundation03$5,228,493$2,079,283
Jungle Lake Property Owners Association Inc03  
Kabh Inc03  
Kenwood Foundation03$206,929$290,265
Keysteps Inc03$49,445$354,550
Krupp Family Foundation03$1,732,245$1,352,128
Lancaster Foundation03$215,463$15,482
Laos Literacy Project Inc03$98,980$123,603
Lawyers Clearinghouse On Affordable Housing And Homelessness Inc03$509,332$490,586
Lewis Rhodes Charitable Tr03$749,162$297,755
Living Observatory Inc03$10,107$22,591
Loebs Family Foundation03$2,488,747$1,159,055
Maintenance Contractors Of New England Inc05$45,850$26
Malsce Education Trust03$346,869$10,187
Mark & Suzannah Schroeder Charitable Trust03$8,921$8,921
Marten Family Foundation03$859,462$252,872
Mary W B Curtis Trust Uw03$1,164,541$179,983
Mass Alliance04$123,316$259,969
Mass Insight Education And Research Institute Inc03$3,137,656$9,351,299
Massachusettes Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial Fund Inc03$831,969$194,875
Massachusetts Afterschoolpartnership Inc03$753,061$642,209
Massachusetts Appleseed Center For Law And Justice03$249,452 
Massachusetts Asian American Commission03$239,943$86,093
Massachusetts Assoc Of Land Surveyors And Civil Engineers Inc06$124,288$182,252
Massachusetts Association Of Community Development Corporation03$641,739$1,314,383
Massachusetts Association Of Community Health Inc04  
Massachusetts Association Of Health Plans Inc04$1,230,205$2,870,608
Massachusetts Bankers Assoc Inc Group Insurance Trust09$2,613,386$65,770
Massachusetts Bankers Association Charitable Foundation Inc03$1,905,267$335,281
Massachusetts Bankers Association Inc06$10,993,838$7,563,293
Massachusetts Bankers Association Scholarship Foundation03$32,712$246
Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association06$130,272$224,782
Massachusetts Black Women Attorneys Foundation Inc03  
Massachusetts Board Of Real Estate Appraisers Inc06$254,019$411,890
Massachusetts Budget And Policy Center Inc03$1,297,279$1,308,675
Massachusetts Campaign For Single Payer Health Care Inc04$2,175$34,505
Massachusetts Chapter Of The Natl Assoc Of Housing & Redevelopment O03$171,118$916,949
Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society03$1,633,838$369,838
Massachusetts Childrens Alliance Inc03$195,306$1,015,972
Massachusetts Citizens For Children Inc03$210,872$314,298
Massachusetts Climate Action Network03$131,227$174,196
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Inc03$13,551,653$5,464,245
Massachusetts Council Of Community Hospitals Inc06$58,326$629,504
Massachusetts English Plus Coalition Inc03  
Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance Inc04$35,901$639,990
Massachusetts Insurance Federation Inc06$682,506$561,192
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute Inc03$4,418,139$3,845,202
Massachusetts League Of Community Health Centers Inc03$10,760,123$16,611,240
Massachusetts Legal Assistance03$6,508,309$30,835,995
Massachusetts National Org For Women Foundation Inc03$63,854$26,842
Massachusetts Police Association05$2,401,409$507,148
Massachusetts Public Health Association03$660,001$910,162
Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group Education Fund Inc03$1,165,084$254,985
Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group Inc04$10,080,460$1,737,322
Massachusetts Regional Employment Board Association03$240,166$240,296
Massachusetts Sigma Chapter Of Sigma Alpha Epsilon07  
Massachusetts Society Of The Cincinnati03$2,748,210$592,474
Massachusetts Soft Drink Association06$183,127$151,315
Massachusetts Student Public Interest Research Group Inc04$4,795,443$692,429
Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation Inc03$2,933,784$1,366,972
Massachusetts Teachers Association05  
Massachusetts Visitor Industry Council Inc06$18,420$37,000
Massequality Education Fund Org Inc03$116,294$142,295
Massequality Org The Campaign For Equality Inc04$179,464$138,499
Masshousing Property Acquisition And Disposition Corporation03$1 
Masspace Inc06  
Master Wardens & Members Of Masons In Mass10$4,729,650$764,221
Mccoy Family Charitable Foundation03$292,379$414,017
Mdr Golf Committee Incorporated03  
Meeker Childrens Charitable Tr Fbo Baps92$345,982$66,203
Meeker Childrens Charitable Tr Fbo Bso92$692,338$114,790
Michael Dukakis Institute03  
Michael R Paine Conservation Tr03$278,684$78,316
Missionary Society Of St Paul The Apostle In Massachusetts03  
Move Massachusetts Inc03  
Museum Of Afro American History Inc03$13,117,743$1,850,313
Naral Pro Choice Massachusetts Inc04$149,786$681,163
National Environmental Policy And Law Center Inc03$3,340,048$411,860
National Institute For Childrens Health Quality Inc03$3,720,481$8,835,564
National Organization For Women Inc04$19,187$25,483
National Society Of Colonial Dames Of America03$3,661,219$627,462
Neighbor To Neighbor Massachusetts Action Fund Inc04$125,002$87,263
Neighbor To Neighbor Massachusetts Education Fund Inc03$567,947$773,806
New Ecology Inc03$1,380,978$3,892,148
New England Anti-vivisection Society03$8,497,306$1,534,969
New England Graduate Women In Science And Engineering Incorporat03  
New England Grenfell Association03$11,043,547$798,552
New England Innocence Project03$397,618$543,488
New England Litigation Technology Professionals Corporation03$3,096$3,204
New England Teamsters & Subscribing Employers Group Legal Svcs Fund09$359,667$985,393
New Fuels Alliance03$39,803 
New Futures Fund Inc04$900,622$580,975
Newton Metrowest Basketball Inc03$71,279$156,459
Nichols House Museum Inc03$2,817,473$1,321,755
Northeast Mens Alliance Inc03$2,515$24,172
Old City Hall Landmark Corporation02$2,486,558$32,742,689
Old South Association In Boston03$5,570,968$1,336,028
Oncart Inc03$180$4,500
Paine Charity Fund03$226,414$206,749
Parent Professional Advocacy League Inc03$183,435$1,026,139
Park Street Church03  
Park Street Kids Inc03  
Penniman Foundation Inc03$96,289$100,279
Peter M Sandman And Jody S Lanard Family Foundation Inc03$1,968$2,414
Philip And Bernice Krupp Foundation For Jewish Life03$1,409,325$183,455
Phillip R Mather Tru Agreement 15-1554-00-392  
Pillsbury Charitable Trust03$238,213$28,647
Pirg New Voters Project Inc03$37,894$40,200
Preservation Mass Inc03$65,518$562,201
Preservation Of Affordable Housing Inc03$264,266,227$71,537,739
Pro-choice Massachusetts Foundation Inc03$752,972$206,001
Professional Fire Fighters Of Massachusetts Health And Welfare09$201,844$1,321,203
Professional Firefighters Of Massachusetts Charitable Trust03$36,645$102,701
Progressive Legal Education Fund Inc03  
Progressive Massachusetts Inc04  
Progressive Massachusetts Institute Incorporated03  
Property Insurance Plans Service Office Inc06$1,034,078$738,425
Proprietors Of The Boston Athenaeum03$111,741,683$88,629,576
Proprietors Of The Social Law Library03$9,351,843$5,477,878
Psi Chi The National Honor Society In Psychology03  
Puffer Garnier Family Foundation Inc03$38,707$8,567
Ralph Waldo Emerson Memorial Association03$1,090,734$183,239
Rar-ma Inc03$834,995$978,182
Regional Housing Network Of Massachusetts Inc03$94,580$370,040
Retailers Association Of Mass06$2,298,345$2,477,082
Retired State County And Municipal Employees Association Of Mass Inc05$1,400,200$1,345,605
Reynolds R And Pamela M Smith Foundation03$2,445,738$281,809
Rising Sun Christianity Inc03  
Robert F Kennedy Childrens Action Corps03$11,401,687$18,311,938
Robert F Meagher Charitable Foundation03$727,603$247,689
Robert W Pierce Jr Family Foundation03$2,471$150,005
Rodger L & Gloria F Daniels Charitable Foundation Tr03$664,588$294,933
Rodman Landmark Inc02  
Rome Charitable Trust03$202,840$55,383
Roop Charitable Foundation03$133,255$5,606
Ruach Foundation03$47,922$16,762
S S Family Foundation Inc03$601,300$262,147
Saha Global Inc03$285,830$626,679
Schmaltz Enroth Family Foundation03  
Sears House Association Inc03$8,794,193$714,401
Second Nature Inc03$696,009$1,922,173
Seed Global Health Inc03$6,469,142$8,302,139
Seven And Eight Park Street Foundation Inc03$133,199$131,935
Shawn Thornton Foundation Inc03$35,254$257,255
Sightsavers Inc03$658,162$4,249,458
Silvio Cella Family Foundation03  
Simple Things Inc03  
Social Finance Ct Family Stability03$6,641,171$945
Social Finance Inc03$9,242,359$9,323,324
Somerset Club07$15,314,307$4,679,269
Somerset Club Charitable Trust03$199,918$10,096
South Asian Bar Association Of Greater Boston Inc06$57,291$60,897
Spam Benevolent Fund Inc03$708,768$1,191,629
Sphinx Head Society Inc03$88,769$29,208
Srl A Free Religious Fellowship03  
State Police Assoc Of Massachusetts05$2,277,708$2,342,664
Structural Engineers Association Of Massachusetts Inc06  
Student Organizing Inc03$185,370 
Subud United States Of America03  
Suffolk University03$703,062,164$324,290,626
Superior Court Clerk-magistrate Association06$98,405$37,923
Supreme Judicial Court Historical Society03$830,722$79,986
Take 5 Foundation Inc03$11,955$28,501
Tamarack Foundation03$757,103$200,697
The Achievement Network Ltd03$18,239,456$27,600,953
The Bnai Jacob Synagogue03  
The Elm Grove Foundation03$1,281,579$159,631
The Housing Partnership Fund Inc03$20,298,702$2,395,272
The Housing Partnership Network Inc03$23,148,761$17,130,406
The Jebediah Foundation03$5,992,371$1,310,681
The Kershaw Foundation Charitable Trust03$15,641$147,361
The Literati Scene Inc03  
The Massachusetts Institute For A New Commonwealth Inc03$140,609$835,927
The Massachusetts Lgbtq Bar Association Inc06$30,843$54,350
The National Trust For Scotland Foundation Usa Inc03$732,371$922,959
The Safe Family Foundation03$2,732,576$584,838
The Sibley Saltonstall Charitable Foundation03$3,164,668$531,240
The Ss Forbes Teachers Fund03$1,860,957$418,645
The Trustees Of Anatolia College03$65,568,343$34,948,062
The@george And Alice Rich Charitable Foundation03$3,344,203$198,771
Thomas R Young Trust Uw Art 4 10 8901 00 091  
Toxics Action Center Campaigns Inc04$55,540$51,553
Toxics Action Center Inc03$2,164,726$1,405,346
Transformative Justice Legal Services03  
Tremont Street Foundation Inc03$461,571$86,372
Tremont Temple Baptist Church03  
Trust U/ind By Louisa Hunnewell Dtd 10-17-7203$56,549$2,852
Trustees Of Donations For Education In Liberia03$3,436,126$495,447
Trustees Of Kings Chapel03  
Union Boat Club07$2,532,576$1,002,246
Union Club Of Boston Inc07$3,078,304$2,867,548
Unitarian Universalist Womens Federation03  
United Steelworkers05$2,615,739$1,037,690
Universal Health Care Education Fund03$17,807$61,050
University Of Massachusetts Foundation Inc03$542,558,498$309,981,487
University Services Inc03  
Verrochi Fam Charitable Tr Udt 08219303$1,678,528$244,597
Vietnam Veterans Of Massachusetts Inc03$8,879$250,093
Vietnam Veterans Workshop Inc03$26,599,453$15,219,935
Vincent Club03$2,814,856$497,834
Walkboston Inc03$394,061$619,947
Wesley Weyman Tr Uw03$128,969$45,802
William F Connell Charitable Trust03$2,113,448$1,221,813
Womens Bar Association Of Mass Inc06$246,384$422,579
Womens Bar Foundation Of Massachusetts Inc03$348,308$510,364
Womens Institute For Housing And Economic Development Inc03$7,703,319$1,359,824
Womens Institute Realty Inc03  
Womens Institute Realty Of Connecticut Inc03$22,916,842$3,938,759
Wts Boston Charitable Fund Inc03$136,692$103,243
Youth Advocacy Foundation Inc03$872,902$685,850
Zvhiller Beis Medrash03  
Total $3,343,483,000$2,647,803,000

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