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ZIP Code 65616

Results for ZIP Code 65616
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StateMissouri (MO)
Type of ZIP CodeStandard
USPS Preferred City NameBRANSON
Other City Name (Not Recommended)BULL CREEK VILLAGE
Other City Name (Not Recommended)GRETNA
Other City Name (Not Recommended)SILVER DOLLAR CITY
Last 30 Days Home Sales in ZIP16        Average Price   $156,000   Click here for list
Businesses in ZIP 2,351  Click here for list
Population (2010) of ZIP 24,284
USPS Residential Deliveries in ZIP 11,989
USPS Business Deliveries in ZIP 1,605
Area Code417
Time ZoneCentral (9/26/2018 5:43:23 AM)
County Name (FIPS)
County Seat
TANEY ( 29213 ) 95.8% ZIP in County
County Name (FIPS)
County Seat
STONE ( 29209 ) 4.2% ZIP in County
141 Industrial Park Dr
Hollister, MO 65672-5392

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