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  • Type of Carrier Route (PO Box, City, Rural).
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  • Carrier Route Counts updated on 07-31-2018

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188 ZIP+4 Codes in Carrier Route H002
ZIP Code 65669

Map of Carrier Route Map
200 to 299Amber DR  65669-8255Map 
300 to 399Amber DR  65669-8256Map 
100 to 199Ashley RD  65669-8298Map 
200 to 299Ashley RD  65669-8323Map 
100 to 199Barnridge RD  65669-8288Map 
100 to 199Burk RD  65669-8257Map 
500 to 599Burk RD  65669-8258Map 
800 to 899Burk RD  65669-8084Map 
900 to 999Burk RD  65669-8093Map 
700 to 799Burk RD  65669-8367Map 
400 to 499Burk RD  65669-8390Map 
1200 to 1299Camp Creek RD  65669-7208Map 
900 to 999Camp Creek RD  65669-7204Map 
200 to 299Camp Creek RD  65669-8299Map 
500 to 599Camp Creek RD  65669-8238Map 
600 to 699Camp Creek RD  65669-8240Map 
800 to 899Camp Creek RD  65669-8241Map 
1100 to 1199Camp Creek RD  65669-8239Map 
100 to 199Casey LN  65669-8222Map 
100 to 199Clover RD  65669-8287Map 
100 to 199Dogwood LN  65669-8296Map 
200 to 299Dogwood LN  65669-8297Map 
400 to 499Fern RD  65669-8272Map 
700 to 799Fern RD  65669-8271Map 
1000 to 1099Fern RD  65669-9764Map 
1200 to 1299Fern RD  65669-8237Map 
1400 to 1499Fern RD  65669-8236Map 
200 to 299Fern RD  65669-8098Map 
100 to 199Fern RD  65669-8327Map 
1300 to 1399Fern RD  65669-8326Map 
300 to 399Fern RD  65669-8270Map 
800 to 899Fern RD  65669-8349Map 
100 to 199Forest DR  65669-9776Map 
300 to 399Forest DR  65669-8280Map 
600 to 699Green Mound RD  65669-8251Map 
700 to 799Green Mound RD  65669-8250Map 
800 to 899Green Mound RD  65669-8083Map 
1000 to 1099Green Mound RD  65669-8249Map 
300 to 399Green Mound RD  65669-7205Map 
200 to 299Hardcastle RD  65669-7207Map 
600 to 699Hardcastle RD  65669-7209Map 
200 to 299Hemlock DR  65669-8204Map 
100 to 199Henry RD  65669-8445Map 
300 to 399Henry RD  65669-7800Map 
100 to 199Hopkins RD  65669-8200Map 
200 to 299Hopkins RD  65669-8082Map 
300 to 399Hopkins RD  65669-8244Map 
400 to 499Hopkins RD  65669-8242Map 
600 to 699Hopkins RD  65669-8243Map 
700 to 799Hopkins RD  65669-8201Map 
100 to 199Kiley LN  65669-8336Map 
200 to 299Kiley LN  65669-8305Map 
600 to 699Madden RD  65669-8191Map 
100 to 199Manning RD  65669-7206Map 
400 to 499Manning RD  65669-8269Map 
500 to 599Prock CIR  65669-8434Map 
100 to 199Ravenhill DR  65669-8227Map 
200 to 299Ravenhill DR  65669-8226Map 
100 to 199Ridgedale RD  65669-8220Map 
300 to 399Ridgedale RD  65669-8221Map 
400 to 499Ridgedale RD  65669-8225Map 
100 to 199Rock LN  65669-8285Map 
200 to 299Rocky Acres LN  65669-8223Map 
300 to 399Rocky Acres LN  65669-8224Map 
400 to 499Rocky Acres LN  65669-7201Map 
500 to 599Rocky Acres LN  65669-8304Map 
100 to 199Rocky Acres LN  65669-8353Map 
700 to 799Sawmill RD  65669-8421Map 
900 to 999Sawmill RD  65669-8433Map 
800 to 899Sawmill RD  65669-8399Map 
600 to 699Sawmill RD  65669-8334Map 
100 to 199Sawmill RD  65669-8099Map 
500 to 599Sawmill RD  65669-8097Map 
1000 to 1099Sawmill RD  65669-8274Map 
1200 to 1299Sawmill RD  65669-8273Map 
1300 to 1399Sawmill RD  65669-9775Map 
1400 to 1499Sawmill RD  65669-8275Map 
1600 to 1699Sawmill RD  65669-8276Map 
1800 to 1899Sawmill RD  65669-8277Map 
2200 to 2299Sawmill RD  65669-8278Map 
2400 to 2499Sawmill RD  65669-8279Map 
2500 to 2599Sawmill RD  65669-9777Map 
600 to 699Shire CIR  65669-8289Map 
900 to 999Shire CIR  65669-8290Map 
1000 to 1099Shire CIR  65669-8291Map 
1100 to 1199Shire CIR  65669-8292Map 
1200 to 1299Shire CIR  65669-8293Map 
1300 to 1399Shire CIR  65669-8294Map 
700 to 799Shire CIR  65669-7202Map 
800 to 899Silver Maple RD  65669-8398Map 
900 to 999Silver Maple RD  65669-8452Map 
600 to 699Silver Maple RD  65669-8356Map 
700 to 799Silver Maple RD  65669-8380Map 
200 to 299Springview DR  65669-8318Map 
300 to 399Springview DR  65669-8319Map 
400 to 499Springview DR  65669-8320Map 
500 to 599Springview DR  65669-8321Map 
600 to 699Springview DR  65669-8322Map 
1000 to 1099State Highway Hh  65669-8324Map 
1200 to 1299State Highway Hh  65669-8325Map 
1900 to 1999State Highway Hh  65669-7203Map 
900 to 999State Highway Hh  65669-8303Map 
200 to 299State Highway Hh  65669-8206Map 
300 to 399State Highway Hh  65669-8205Map 
700 to 799State Highway Hh  65669-8228Map 
800 to 899State Highway Hh  65669-8268Map 
1400 to 1499State Highway Hh  65669-8229Map 
1500 to 1599State Highway Hh  65669-8230Map 
1600 to 1699State Highway Hh  65669-8231Map 
1700 to 1799State Highway Hh  65669-8232Map 
2100 to 2199State Highway Hh  65669-8233Map 
2200 to 2299State Highway Hh  65669-8234Map 
2600 to 2699State Highway Hh  65669-8235Map 
300 to 399State Highway V  65669-8245Map 
100 to 199State Highway V  65669-8332Map 
1541 State Highway V  65669-8365Map 
2100 to 2199State Highway V  65669-8187Map 
1542 State Highway V  65669-7160Map 
1100 to 1199State Highway V  65669-8189Map 
1200 to 1299State Highway V  65669-8188Map 
1800 to 1899State Highway V  65669-8185Map 
2000 to 2099State Highway V  65669-8186Map 
2700 to 2799State Highway V  65669-7146Map 
1500 to 1599State Highway V  65669-8417Map 
1300 to 1399Stoneshire DR  65669-8444Map 
100 to 199Stoneshire DR  65669-8207Map 
200 to 299Stoneshire DR  65669-8208Map 
300 to 399Stoneshire DR  65669-8209Map 
400 to 499Stoneshire DR  65669-8210Map 
500 to 599Stoneshire DR  65669-8211Map 
600 to 699Stoneshire DR  65669-8212Map 
700 to 799Stoneshire DR  65669-8213Map 
800 to 899Stoneshire DR  65669-8214Map 
900 to 999Stoneshire DR  65669-8215Map 
1000 to 1099Stoneshire DR  65669-8216Map 
1100 to 1199Stoneshire DR  65669-8217Map 
1200 to 1299Stoneshire DR  65669-8219Map 
1400 to 1499Stoneshire DR  65669-8218Map 
100 to 199Stutesmun LN  65669-8259Map 
200 to 299Toad RD  65669-8501Map 
400 to 499Toad RD  65669-8500Map 
100 to 199Tomahawk DR  65669-8354Map 
200 to 299Tomahawk DR  65669-8355Map 
100 to 199Tower RD  65669-8333Map 
300 to 399Tower RD  65669-8286Map 
8300 to 8399Us Highway 160 S  65669-8203Map 
8400 to 8499Us Highway 160 S  65669-8202Map 
8100 to 8199Us Highway 160 S  65669-7200Map 
8600 to 8699Us Highway 160 S  65669-8302Map 
8500 to 8599Us Highway 65 S  65669-8248Map 
9300 to 9399Us Highway 65 S  65669-8247Map 
9600 to 9699Us Highway 65 S  65669-8246Map 
200 to 299Valleyview RD  65669-8295Map 
150 to 199Valleyview RD  65669-8092Map 
100 to 199Winniger RD  65669-9770Map 
300 to 399Winniger RD  65669-9768Map 
200 to 298
(Only Even)
Winniger RD  65669-9769Map 
400 to 498
(Only Even)
Winniger RD  65669-9771Map 
500 to 598
(Only Even)
Winniger RD  65669-9767Map 
600 to 698
(Only Even)
Winniger RD  65669-9773Map 
201 to 299
(Only Odd)
Winniger RD  65669-9765Map 
401 to 499
(Only Odd)
Winniger RD  65669-9772Map 
501 to 599
(Only Odd)
Winniger RD  65669-9766Map 
601 to 699
(Only Odd)
Winniger RD  65669-9774Map 
100 to 199Winslow DR  65669-8254Map 
200 to 299Winslow DR  65669-8252Map 
300 to 399Winslow DR  65669-8253Map 
200 to 299Woodart DR  65669-8342Map 
300 to 399Woodart DR  65669-8372Map 
200 to 299Wooddale RD  65669-8091Map 
100 to 199Wooddale RD  65669-8284Map 
200 to 299Woods Fork RD  65669-8085Map 
300 to 399Woods Fork RD  65669-8266Map 
400 to 499Woods Fork RD  65669-8267Map 
500 to 599Woods Fork RD  65669-8265Map 
600 to 699Woods Fork RD  65669-8264Map 
1400 to 1499Woods Fork RD  65669-8263Map 
2700 to 2799Woods Fork RD  65669-8262Map 
3200 to 3299Woods Fork RD  65669-8261Map 
3400 to 3499Woods Fork RD  65669-8260Map 
2300 to 2399Woods Fork RD  65669-8315Map 
2600 to 2699Woods Fork RD  65669-8428Map 
2200 to 2299Woods Fork RD  65669-8405Map 
600 to 699Woods Ridge DR  65669-8410Map 
100 to 199Woods Ridge DR  65669-8379Map 
300 to 399Woods Ridge DR  65669-8391Map 
900 to 999Woods Ridge RD  65669-8451Map 

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