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Address LookUps

Lookups enable you to find whatever you need to know about U.S. and Global addresses.

Name, Address, Phone & Email
This amazing new lookup verifies, corrects and appends names, addresses, phones & emails. It uses our new Personator web service.

Fast Address Check
Verify and correct any U.S. address with easy copy & paste or our new Express Entry.

Global Address Check
Verify addresses for over 240 countries worldwide.

Property Owners
Owner's name, assessed value, mortgage amount, sales price & more. Subscribers Only

Street Name Search
Find a street name within a ZIP Code or nationwide.

House Number Search
Find a house or building number within a ZIP Code or nationwide.

ZIP Code Maps
Displays a ZIP Code boundary map.

More Lookups
Even more Lookups for Counties, Maps, SIC Codes, Crime, Schools, Nonprofits & more.

Phone Location Information LookUps

Founded in 1985, Melissa Data specializes in data quality solutions. We offer software programs, developer tools, reference data, and services to clean, correct, verify, and enrich your contact data for target marketing, CRM and direct mail applications.

Software Programs
  • Listware verifies, corrects & updates addresses, phones & emails. It appends missing emails & phones and updates addresses of movers.
  • Data Quality Components for SQL Server
  • Contact Zone offers a graphical solution to Data Quality.
Professional Services
Data Quality Tools
Reference Data
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